Added on 19 May 2021

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Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) Members have priority access to nominate at-risk digital materials to the Global List of Digitally Endangered Species (or BitList) as part of the pilot launch of the DPC's bi-ennial global awareness raising campaign.

DPC Members are invited to submit real nominations as part of a live trial for two weeks, before nominations are sought from the rest of the community.

The BitList will remain open for nominations until Wednesday 30th June 2021.

First published in 2017, the DPC's BitList of Digitally Endangered Species is a community-sourced list of at-risk digital materials which is republished every two years. By compiling and maintaining the list over time, the DPC aims to highlight the need for action to preserve high-value digital content that is critically endangered, whilst celebrating the progress the digital preservation community has made to ensure a secure digital legacy.

Current entries include content types; where the risk is caused or aggravated by the structure of the content, media types; where the risk is caused or aggravated because of the media used, and specific contexts; where the risk to the material connected to the context of production and use, rather than the format or media.

Nominations to the BitList 2021 could combine any or all of these themes.

Once the nominations have been collected and collated, an international panel of digital preservation experts will evaluate the entries, before arriving at their final list which will be published on 4th November 2021 for World Digital Preservation Day.

Find out more and make your nomination to the DPC’s Digitally Endangered Species by Wednesday 30th June.

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