Added on 6 May 2020

After two years in the making, the Australasia Preserves Digital Preservation Essentials Working Group is very pleased to be releasing their pre-ingest and ingest training modules, and are seeking feedback.

Digital Preservation Essentials began at the very first meeting of Australasia Preserves in February 2018, when there was discussion around the idea of developing “digital preservation carpentry” lessons. Among the many priorities and needs for digital preservation in Australasia discussed at the first meeting, there was clear demand for accessible, hands-on training for doing digital preservation work.

The group had hoped to trial the modules in a face-to-face delivery session in March 2020 before sharing, but the COVID-19 pandemic has changed these plans.

As an interim measure the group are releasing the modules for comment and feedback in their present state. Please note, they are not necessarily in the right format for asynchronous or self-driven learning, and are aimed at educators, trainers or others who would be interested in delivering the training.

After going through the modules, users are encouraged to complete the feedback form - the Digital Preservation Essentials Working Group would love to know what you think. And the digital preservation community is invited to share widely with contacts and networks. The aim is that the training materials are useful and used across the world, given the remarkable efforts and work put into them by the working group.

With the aim of creating a resource that can be re-used and adapted by anyone with an interest in furthering digital preservation practice, the materials are released under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0) which means that content is free to re-use and adapt with attribution.

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