Added on 30 September 2016

DPC is delighted to extend an invitation from JISc so that members can attend the 'Curation in the Cloud' workshop in London 7-8th March.  This event will assess the potential and practicalities of using cloud-based solutions for the long-term preservation of digital materials, focusing particularly on data that originates from research or that supports research processes. 

In recent years the hype around cloud computing as a route to delivering a dazzling array of services has (to quote Gartner) been 'deafening'. But much of the focus has been on using cloud infrastructure to create, process and analyse data, often in relation to business information and in the context of either the virtualisation and green ICT agendas, or for the purpose of providing flexible computational capacity for actively undertaking research work. There has been less opportunity to consider the potential of this technology to address the data curation and long-term preservation needs of researchers and research organisations. Especially in light of emerging UK government-led directives on ensuring long-term open access to publicly funded research, it is more important than ever that organisations have a clear sense of all the choices that are available to them when investing in this critical area.

Because this event is being organised by JISC, members from higher education institutions are invited to register directly at:

The DPC has a block booking of 5 places at this event for those members outside of HE, which will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so members outside of the higher education sector are asked to contact williamATdpconlineDOTorg before reserving a place.

For more information see:



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