Added on 22 October 2015

The Digital Preservation Coalition is pleased to offer two scholarships for members to attend the upcoming November 2015 instance of ULCC’s DPTP – Web Archiving 101 course at Senate House, University of London, London.

This course is one day long and is aimed at anyone who has a specific interest in capturing , selecting and using web content for any kind of research and who also need to ensure that web content can persist and endure in an accessible and useable preservation environment.

The course will teach the basics of web archiving. It explores who is doing web archiving currently, why it can be useful, who uses web archives and why. It explains the selection process for content, records management and business needs, available tools and outsourcing as an option. It will also cover legal aspects of web archiving and the issues around the archiving of social media.

Full details of the modules and learning outcomes can be found here:

DPTP courses are operated and organised by the University of London Computer Centre and are supported by the Digital Preservation Coalition which originally helped to establish the course in 2005. There is more detail about the courses available is online at

See the attached announcement giving details of these scholarships or visit the ULCC/ DPTP website for details of the course. Scholarships will cover the full course fees of  £358.80 but not travel costs. Please use the scholarship application form when applying for this grant. Applications close at 17:00 on 30th October.

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