Added on 22 April 2016

DPC and NCDD members are invited to attend this webinar with Gaby Wijers, director of the international platform LIMA that focuses on the preservation, distribution and research of media art ( She will talk to us about how the current situation in the Netherlands is concerning the sustainability of born digital art. Can we preserve it for the future, and what is needed to do so?

Gaby will use examples from the research rapport on born digital art of the Dutch Cultural Coalition Digital Preservation (only available in Dutch) and the Transformation Digital Art project from the Dutch Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (SMBK).

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NCDD (the Dutch National Digital Coalition for Digital Preservation) and DPC (the British Digital Preservation Coalition) have teamed up to organize a series of monthly webinars in 2016, with alternate speakers from the British and Dutch preservation field. All webinars are recorded and made available online. Keep an eye on the agenda for upcoming webinars and other joint events.

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