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PRONOM Drop-in Sessions 

The PRONOM team would also like to share details of their PRONOM drop-in sessions. These are open/ unstructured sessions with members of the PRONOM Team to talk about your current research and ask/answer any questions you may have. The team are hoping to trial this at first and currently the dates would be:

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DPC Launches Beginners Guide to Computational Access

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is pleased to announce the launch of Computational Access: A beginner's guide for digital preservation practitioners for a one-month member preview today.  Computational access is a term that is mentioned with increasing frequency by those in the digital preservation community. Many practitioners are aware it might be helpful to them (and their users) but do not have a handle on what exactly it entails, how it is best applied and where to...

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Digital Preservation Awards 2022 Finalists Announced: The Research Data Alliance Award for the Most Outstanding Digital Preservation Initiative in Commerce, Industry and the Third sector

The next set finalists for the prestigious Digital Preservation Awards 2022 are revealed today, with three exceptional initiatives which demonstrate digital preservation excellence in agencies that would not traditionally consider themselves to be ‘memory institutions.’ Finalists for The Research Data Alliance (RDA) Award for the Most Outstanding Digital Preservation Initiative in Commerce, Industry and the Third sector are (in no particular order):

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PRONOM Technical Registry

PRONOM is a file format registry which collects key data about file formats that can be used for the purposes of identification and reference, in support of preservation planning activities for digital records. The registry, first conceived in 2002, was made publicly available in 2005. As the UK government’s official archive, it is the responsibility of The National Archives (UK) to collect, preserve and make available the public records of the UK government. PRONOM was created when the need...

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Evolving File Format Identification, Migration, and Management for Preservation through Tool Development

Tom J. Smyth (Manager, Digital Preservation) and Maxime Champagne (Digital Preservation Repository Supervisor), Library and Archives Canada Early this year, it became a priority for LAC’s Digital Preservation unit to reconsider the context of (and affect a major update to) our policy statement on the file formats we accept for transfer of digital library and archival documentary heritage. In the course of examining the existing documents, a few issues arose for discussion among the...

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Breaking down Barriers in Wales Through the Iffy Tiff

Sally McInnes is Chair of the Archives and Records Management Digital Preservation Group at the National Library of Wales In Wales, we have been working for many years to break down barriers to digital preservation through working collaboratively to increase capacity and skills. The publication of the National Digital Preservation Policy and accompanying Technical Appendix, on Digital Preservation Day in 2017, aimed at ensuring digital resources of enduring value would be selected for...

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Digital Preservation of Community Archives: Breaking down barriers to digital preservation through training

Dr Deborah Thorpe is Education and Outreach Manager for the Digital Repository of Ireland This autumn, the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) held an online introductory training programme in digital preservation for our members, with a particular focus on the training and community-building needs of community archivists. This course has been helping with breaking down barriers to digital preservation, by making topics such as appraising your digital collections for preservation,...

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Getting Started with Advocacy for Digital Preservation (Eastern Timezones)

28th July, 0700 - 0830 UTC and 29th July, 0700 - 0830 UTC (click for local times) This training has been timed to be suitable for attendees in Australasia and Asia Pacific, but you are welcome to attend whichever session you prefer. Introduction Digital preservation relies on a wide range of skills and services, so practitioners and managers must coordinate a diverse set of skills, policies, tools and services from disparate sources within and outside their organisations. The...

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Understanding User Needs: DPC publishes next in Technology Watch Guidance Note Series on Access to digital collections.

The DPC has released the next in its series of Technology Watch Guidance Notes on Access to digital collections. The new Guidance Note entitled Understanding User Needs by Sharon McMeekin is available as a one-month Member preview from today. Understanding User Needs provides a pragmatic approach to conducting and interpreting a user needs analysis, whilst highlighting the importance and significance of the results.

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Digital Preservation Workflows Webinar Series and COW-a-thon event

Recordings of Workflows Webinar Series (DPC Members please login to view) 20th April, 1300 - 1430 (UK) Episode 1: Preparations and ingest Business planning with Jaye Weatherburn, University of Melbourne Pre-ingest checks and ingest preparation for digital legal deposit material with Roxana Maurer, Bibliotheque nationale du Luxembourg Ingest to Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) with Fabi Barticioti, LSE Library 22nd April, 1300 - 1430 (UK) Episode...

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