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Extracting Information from 5.25” Floppy Disks – Historic Environment Scotland

Frederick Alexander is Digital Archivist at Historic Environment Scotland The digital archive at Historic Environment Scotland comprises of 42 terabytes of digital materials. This archive, alongside its physical counterpart, contains information relating to the historic environment of Scotland. Scotland’s historic environment is the physical evidence of past human activity, from a prehistoric fort, to a Victorian garden, to a drawing of a cityscape. In this blog post I want to give an...

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How to sell an archive

Alistair Goodall is Head of IT for Crossrail Ltd in the UK Last year we were the proud winners of a Digital Preservation Award for our Crossrail archive and I was lucky enough to experience the passion and enthusiasm for digital preservation at the awards ceremony. Since then we have successfully closed down some of the applications associated with the early stages of our 10 year project (such as land acquisition and property access requests) and these are now available through our...

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Digitally Designed: Digital Preservation of Architectural records

Adrian Steel is Director of Collections and Programmes at the Royal Institute for British Architects in the UK Architects have used digital technology to aid design for several decades. The RIBA Collections – which comprise over 4 million items altogether – include the records of Colin St John Wilson and Partners, the architectural practice responsible for the British Library. The British Library was one of the earliest projects to benefit from computer-aided design, and among the...

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