Added on 16 December 2021

3D TWRThe Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has released a Member Preview of a new Technology Watch Report on Preserving Born-Digital Design and Construction Records by Aliza Leventhal and Jody Thompson, today.

Preserving Born-Digital Design and Construction Records aims to support archival professionals, as well as active designers and facilities managers, considering acquisition, preservation, and access approaches that account for both the technical and cultural components of the broad range of born-digital design and construction records created throughout the course of designing, building, and maintaining a built space.

The report is published by the DPC in association with the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

With a preview for DPC Members, this new Technology Watch Report and others in the series, identify, delineate, monitor, and address topics that have a major bearing on ensuring our collected digital memory will be available tomorrow. They provide an advanced introduction in order to support those charged with ensuring a robust digital memory, and they are of general interest to a wide and international audience with interests in computing, information management, collections management and technology.

Jenny Mitcham, the DPC’s Head of Good Practice and Standards who commissioned the report on behalf of the NDA, welcomed the release of the report saying:

“I'm so pleased to see this much needed report published today for our members. This is still a fairly new area for many digital archivists and the report will be a huge help to those who are starting to think about the preservation of these complex records. As well as summarising some of the key projects, events and publications to date, it also includes a series of case studies demonstrating how practitioners are currently tackling the challenge and draws out some useful recommendations.”

The Technology Watch publication series is just one of the ways the not-for-profit DPC supports the digital preservation community. An international advocate for digital preservation, the Coalition helps its members around the world to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services through community engagement, targeted advocacy work, training and workforce development, capacity building, good practice and standards, and through good management and governance.

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