Added on 27 July 2021

Preserving 3D ThumbPreserving CAD ThumbPreserving GIS ThumbThe Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has released the final three Technology Watch Guidance Notes in its initial ‘Data Type’ series, for Member preview today. The topics covered in the set are: Preserving 3D, Preserving CAD and Preserving GIS .

Authored by staff at Artefactual Systems in collaboration with the DPC and developed in conjunction with the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, each of the Guidance Notes in the Data Type series is designed to provide a primer on the current state of community knowledge about types of data commonly encountered by those seeking to preserve digital holdings.

Paul Wheatley, Head of Research and Practice for the DPC and co-editor of the series says:

“There is so much information about the preservation of different types of data out there, but it can be hard for the practitioner to know where to start or to find the right resources. These notes are intended to provide a basic level of information but also point people to other useful references on the topic. We are really keen to hear feedback from the community both now and in the future so that we can maintain these notes as a useful resource for the community.”

The notes document broadly applicable good practices that have been established as a result of many years of research, practical implementation, and consensus building as well as preservation challenges to be aware of. These are presented within the Guidance Notes as a starting point, along with additional resources for further exploration.

With a one-month preview for DPC Members, this and other Technology Watch Guidance Notes are ‘bite-sized’ papers that contain information about a problem, a solution, or a particular implementation of digital preservation and provide short briefings on advanced digital preservation topics.

Further Technology Watch Guidance Notes on a range of other digital preservation topics are planned for release in the coming months!

The Technology Watch publication series is just one of the ways the DPC supports the digital preservation community. An international charitable foundation and advocate for digital preservation, the Coalition helps its members around the world to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services through community engagement, targeted advocacy work, training and workforce development, capacity building, good practice and standards, and through good management and governance.

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