24 September 2017


£34,520 - £38,833 per annum


Work as part of the Research Information Team with particular emphasis on training and end user support for Research Data Management (RDM). Provide consultation services to the research community to implement strategies for the management and curation of both digital and/or print based research data throughout the project lifecycle. Develop services and support for the digital preservation of research datasets, cultural and business digital assets and Open Access across the University.

Ensure that researchers are able to store and manage their data in a seamless and secure fashion, enabling them to easily manage, manipulate, share and preserve their data either at the University or in a trusted repository elsewhere.

Main Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Design, develop and deliver research data management training courses to researchers and administrators, focussing on data management planning and data curation including customisation of the University of Glasgow advice within the DMPOnline tool. As systems are implemented provide training to relevant staff to take forward RDM support in a sustainable way.
  2. Be a main point of contact for User Support for Research Data Management within the University providing advice and guidance.
  3. Manage the University’s compliance with specific funding body requirements on Research Data Management, in particular the requirements of the EPSRC.
  4. Work with researchers to ensure they are able to comply with data gathering exercises such as the Research Council UK annual research outcomes exercise. This will include entering research output information into a third party system on behalf of award holders and proactively checking that all relevant award holders make a return in order to minimise sanctions being applied to them.
  5. Responsibility for dealing with enquiries about open access from across the University and advising staff and students on the actions required to comply with Research Funder and Research Excellence Framework open access requirements. This will include providing advice on, licensing and versioning and recording details of newly accepted publications on the University institutional repository ‘Enlighten’. 
  6. Develop and maintain a suite of web pages to support research data management activity within the University. Create advice and guidance for researchers on data management planning and best practice in RDM.
  7. Collect and analyse requirements for the research data management (RDM) service exploring the current data management practices of academic and postdoctoral research staff and postgraduate research students across the University.
  8. Contribute to the development of the University’s Data Registry, investigating workflows using metadata models to enhance the discoverability and preservation of data.
  9. Gather intelligence on RDM developments across the sector and coordinate activity to engage the University in relevant national and international activities such as the Digital Curation Centre national data registry work.
  10. Contribute to the enhancement of the University’s international profile in line with the University’s Strategic Plan, Glasgow 2020 – A Global Vision

Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills and Experience



  • A1 SCQF level 9 (Ordinary Degree, VQ4) or equivalent (including professional accreditation with relevant formal training)
  • A2 Knowledge of funders Research Data management policies and requirements
  • A3 Experience of developing innovative ideas and contributing to strategic planning
  • A4 Experience of project management


  • B1 Understanding of IT principles relating to data storage and security requirements
  • B2 Understanding of metadata standards and their application to research data
  • B3 A graduate level qualification in an information or data management related discipline


  • C1 Ability to review information from a wide range of sources and write clear and concise summaries
  • C2 Ability to deliver clear and relevant training courses
  • C3 Ability to take ownership of tasks and act independently in light of shifting priorities
  • C4 Excellent communication skills
  • C5 Ability to manage relationships effectively
  • C6 A customer-focussed attitude


  • E1 Experience of personal development in a similar or related role with the above qualifications or the ability to demonstrate the competencies required to undertake the duties associated with this level of post having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills in a similar role. 
  • E2 Proven experience of designing and delivering training courses
  • E3 Experience of producing data management plans


  • F1 Experience of providing a user support service
  • F2 Experience of formal requirements specification and database design
  • F3 Experience of using an EPrints based repository
  • F4 Experience of working in an academic environment
  • F5 Proven experience of curating research data
  • F6 Experience and understanding of research data


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