30 November 2018


£29,028 per annum

Fixed Term

Job Purpose:

To curate the programme’s digital content and manage its repository, training and assisting grantees, overseeing quality control of data and documentation, digital public engagement.

Key responsibilities [in order of priority]:

  1. To curate digital content and ensure it conforms to metadata and formatting standards
  2. To maintain public access layers of EMKP and assist in public dissemination including through social media platforms
  3. To support and guide grantees in the preparation of digital assets
  4. To monitor, assess and provide feedback on uploaded data
  5. To provide formal training where appropriate to applicants/grantees
  6. To contribute to intellectual vision of EMKP through internal discussions within EMKP as well as larger academic engagements such as conferences, talks etc.
  7. To ensure repository processes are consistent with meeting the project and Museum’s legal obligations.
  8. To liaise with relevant stakeholders across the Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas and BM, particularly Information Services
  9. To assist with the day to day running of the EMKP programme
  10. To report regularly to Head EMKP on progress
  11. Other duties as assigned

What are the main work pressures and challenges?

The key challenge of this post will be Working to fixed project deadline while also responding to dynamic situations; Working flexibly with a diverse community of stakeholders and grantees; Developing innovative solutions to practical or logistical issues to ensure integrity and consistency of repository data

Key dimensions [e.g. number of staff directly managed, budget responsibilities, specific authority levels, types of decisions taken etc.]:

Regular budget and progress reporting to the Head of EMKP; On-going responsibility for developing and guiding digital capacity and presence; Working with external stakeholders independently; Providing specialist training to grantees

What are the performance targets or standards?

Maintenance of working digital repository and public access layer; Delivery of data upload/ingest from grantees following the annual grant cycle


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