31 January 2020

Washington DC, USA

$86,335 to $112,240 p/a


This role is one of two that will provide support digital scholarship support to researchers performing computational analysis on digital Library collections as part of a grant funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation entitled “Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud” (CCHC). This effort will help produce models for supporting cloud-based research computing, and will make the costs and possibilities of this work more transparent to the broader cultural heritage community.

The two digital scholarship experts will work together and with other Library staff to support four researchers in sub-setting, transformation, analysis and documentation of Library collections for use in computational research. They will liaise with Library of Congress curators and reference librarians to develop workflows and services to support content related reference questions that require data transformations or computational approaches. As part of this work, they will coordinate Library efforts to establish legal and policy frameworks for cloud based computational research. They will also engage in internal and external outreach about the CCHC project and its outcome, and work with colleagues to advance support for digital scholarship within the Library. 

These positions have some features in common with positions sometimes described as "“research software engineer” or “data scientist” positions, but requiring also aspects of research librarian work in service development for cloud-based research support.


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