Added on 5 July 2017

The DPC is pleased to announce 5 members are to receive scholarships to attend iPRES 2017 and PASIG 2017 through its Leadership Programme.

The DPC recognizes the very great need among our members for access to specialist training and professional development opportunities. The DPC Leadership Programme offers an on-going programme of grants so that our members can attend training and development opportunities. Over the course of its lifetime, the DPC Leadership Programme has provided more than 100 grants for members.

The variety of development opportunities offered via the Leadership Programme has been extended in the last 2 years in recognition of the growing maturity of the digital preservation workforce. This is the 2nd time scholarships have been offered to members for the iPRES conference and the 1st for PASIG. The DPC is pleased to be offering 2 grants to PASIG and 3 to iPRES.

Attending PASIG in Oxford will be:

  • Simon Whibley, British Library
  • Matthew Zawadzki, The University of Sheffield

Attending iPRES 2017 will be:

  • Chris Fryer, Parliamentary Archives
  • Louise Lawson, Tate
  • Jaye Weatherburn, University of Melbourne

Each of the scholarship recipients will be creating content for the DPC website to help disseminate the knowledge gained from the conferences to other members.

The DPC remains keen to continue broadening the opportunities offered by the Leadership Programme and welcomes suggestions from members. Any questions or suggestions can be directed to the Head of Training and Skills, Sharon McMeekin (sharon[dot]mcmeekin[at]dpconline[dot]org).

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