Added on 31 January 2020

With the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU) imminent, the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) restates its commitment to work with members and community around the world. In the context of a new relationship with the EU, the global nature of digital preservation labour is unchanged.  Our work is not bound by borders.

The DPC enjoys an excellent relationship and reputation with members, partners, friends and funders around the world. In the course of our history have benefitted tremendously from the funding and focus which the European Union has brought to the question of digital preservation.

The Coalition is international in scope and membership and internationalist by nature. Digital preservation is a once-in-a-generation worldwide challenge which we have the duty and the capacity and the resolve to meet.  Working on this together means our setbacks are softened and our successes are sweetened: because the work is shared. 

The UK leaves the EU at the same time as the DPC builds a Coalition scaled to this global challenge.  Whether inside the EU, out of the EU, or in some transitional state, the mandate which our members give us, for collaboration and inclusion, remains. 

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