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Level Up with RAM: New DPC resource supports progress in digital preservation maturity

The Digital Preservation Coalition has released a new resource designed to help organizations Level-up with RAM and move forward in their digital preservation capabilities using the DPC Rapid Assessment Model (RAM). Designed to enable rapid benchmarking of an organization’s digital preservation capability, the DPC RAM is a digital preservation maturity modelling tool which is applicable for organizations of any size in any sector, and for all content of long-term value. With a 6-month DPC...

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Funding digital preservation skills development

Natalie Baur is Program Director for DPOE-N Happy World Digital Preservation Day from your colleagues at the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Network (DPOE-N)! We are excited to celebrate this important day with you, and we wanted to share some of our resources and funding opportunities that are available to the community.  DPOE-N was created by the Library of Congress in 2010 to provide digital preservation training across the U.S. The program transitioned to...

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Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group - General Meeting - December 2021

Description The DPC Web Archiving and Preservation Working Group (WAPWG) is pleased to announce details of our next General Meeting – which will be free and open to everyone.  Web archiving provides the means for collecting organisations to capture, preserve and make available time-stamped archival copies of information published on the Web, before this content changes and is lost forever. Rather wonderfully, a strong and active global community of practice exists around  web...

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Web Archiving Projects as a Path to Cross-Department Collaboration and Building a Broader Audience for Digital Preservation Activities

Teresa Soleau is Digital Preservation Manager and Alexis Adkins is Institutional Archivist. They work at the J. Paul Getty Trust. As one of the newest members of the DPC we are thrilled to start working more closely with others in the digital preservation community, hearing about their work and sharing ours. As a first step in that direction, we’re going to share with you some web archiving work we’ve done in the past year. At Getty we don’t have a specific person dedicated to web archiving...

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Breaking down the barriers between refugee voices and the future

Tom Wilson is Associate Archivist (Digital Preservation) at the UN High Commission for Refugees Breaking down barriers is something that often appears in the day-to-day work of UNHCR albeit, more often than not, in the metaphorical sense. Whether it’s providing shelter for refugees, access to healthcare, informing the public of the plight of refugees and other persons of concern or one of the many other activities that UNHCR carries out, UNHCR seeks to remove the barriers that can...

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Celebrating 20 years: DPC Prospectus 2021-2022 now available

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is delighted to share its new program of activities for its 20th anniversary year . Focused on the priority digital preservation topics Members have specified through the annual Connecting the Bits consultation process, and through the Australasia and Asia-Pacific Stakeholder Group, the 2021-2022 prospectus includes publications, training, webinars, specialist briefings, as well as a range of exciting new activities and resources.

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The long WARC to freedom

Tom Wilson is Associate Archivist (Digital Preservation) for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Switzerland. Our recent transfer of web-crawl suppliers taught us that the best laid plans can be derailed by factors beyond one’s control. UNHCR has been capturing content for its web-archive since 2015, working with Internet Memory Research (IMR) as our supplier to capture, store and display this content. In 2018, IMR informed us that they would be going bankrupt....

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Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group

Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group What is the Web Archiving & Preservation Working Group? The Web Archiving and Preservation Working Group (previously the Web Archiving & Preservation Task Force) provides a forum for participants to share their experiences, establish common goals, and inform their own policy development. It provides a mutually supportive environment for continued programme and policy development for DPC members and a mechanism through which non-members...

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