31 January 2012 | 10:00 Euston Road, London | Wellcome Collection Conference Centre

Tools and services for digital preservation have been slow to develop and are hard to embed within organisational workflows. Many agencies and sectors report significant gaps in the infrastructure necessary to deliver lasting impact from highly prized and valuable digital resources and those charged with preservation often face complex and highly specialised issues in relative isolation. Arguably, the e-publishing sector is the exception that proves the rule. Perhaps the most advanced part of the digital preservation community, this sector has growing experience in fixing technical challenges and is supported by a well-developed - if complicated and at times dysfunctional - value chain that connects authors, publishers, sellers, purchasers and consumers. A range of service providers and tools now aim to secure this supply chain with digital preservation. Outsourcing - specifically knowing how to trust services that claim to provide digital preservation - has been one of the key barriers to preservation being adopted more widely so the experience of the E-Journal community is of much wider relevance than just the library and academic community.

If the E-Journal market has genuinely solved the 'trust question’ then everyone needs to know about it. If it has not, then consideration of the issues will at least enable a more nuanced reflection on how the wider community might want develop trust in the preservation of more esoteric or challenging content types. Therefore, this DPC briefing day will examine: 

  • perceptions and procurement of preservation services for E-journals
  • technical architectures for existing services for preservation of E-journals and what they can tell us
  • lessons learned, problems solved, experiences to pass on
  • trust: how it is established and maintained
  • emerging trends for e-journal and e-book preservation

Who should come?

  • Collections managers, curators and archivists in all institutions
  • Tools developers and policy makers in digital preservation
  • Innovators and researchers in publishing policy and management
  • Innovators and researchers in computing science
  • Vendors and providers of journal content and services
  • Innovators, vendors and commentators on digital preservation and cognate services
  • Analysts developing tools and approaches for business continuity management.

Provisional Programme (details subject to change and refinement)

1000 Registration and Coffee

1045 Welcome and introductions William Kilbride, DPC

1050 The Nature of the Problem: an introduction to e-journals and their preservation, Neil Beagrie, Charles Beagrie Ltd

1120 Licensing E-Journal Content , Liam Earney (JISC Collections)

1140 Service Providers’ Forum,  Kate Wittenberg (Portico), Adam Rusbridge (UK LOCKSS Alliance), Randy Kiefer (CLOCKSS), Marcel Ras (eDepot/ KB)

1240 Discussion

1300 Lunch

1400 The Keepers Registry: Enabling Trust in e-Journal Preservation, Peter Burnhill (Edina)

1430 Publishers’ Perspectives, Fiona Murphy (Wiley)

1500 Publishers’ Perspectives, Richard Kidd (Royal Society of Chemistry)

1530 Coffee

1600 Panel session and discussion, led by Neil Grindley, JISC

1650 Wrapup, William Kilbride, DPC

By 1700 Close

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