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Fifteen years with digital preservation

{jcomments on} Zhenxin Wu is Professor of the Information System Department and Deputy Director of the Digital Preservation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences at the National Science Library in Beijing, China   与长期保存共同成长的十五年        ...

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Preservation, Trust and Continuing Access for e-Journals

Agenda Introduce the DPC’s latest DPC Technology Watch Report on Preservation, Trust and Continuing Access to E-Journals Bring together significant leaders in the field to explore current and emerging trends in e-journal services Explore perceptions and procurement of preservation services for e-journal content Present lessons learned, problems solved, and experiences to pass on from the e-Journal community to the wider digital preservation community Who should come? This...

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Trust and E-journals

Tools and services for digital preservation have been slow to develop and are hard to embed within organisational workflows. Many agencies and sectors report significant gaps in the infrastructure necessary to deliver lasting impact from highly prized and valuable digital resources and those charged with preservation often face complex and highly specialised issues in relative isolation. Arguably, the e-publishing sector is the exception that proves the rule. Perhaps the most advanced part of...

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e-Journals are forever?

The benefits of online access to scholarly journal content are now taken for granted but there are threats to continuity of such access.  Clarity is needed on who is doing what, what has been agreed, and what mechanisms exist for continued access, with shared responsibility for the material support and sustainability of archiving and access schemes. The threats of digital preservation are becoming well known and the community of researchers and librarians look to policy makers and...

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E-Journal Archiving and Preservation Workshop

    Article on Overview of E-journal Archiving and Preservation Workshop, UKSG, Serials 20 (3) November 2007 Overview and Presentations The DPC, The British Library and JISC held a 1 day workshop looking at the issue of e-journal archiving and preservation. The workshop brought together international stakeholders from the information world, including publishers, librarians and representatives from archiving solution providers. The day was chaired by Hazel Woodward of Cranfield...

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