27 November 2007 Euston Road, London | British Library Conference Centre





Welcome & Outline of Day - Frances Boyle, DPC Executive Director

The 2007 DP Awards Showcase


The Judges Perspective - Kevin Ashley, Chair of the Judges
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LIFE - Richard Davies
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Web Curator Tool - Philip Beresford
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Morning Break


PRONOM and DROID - Adrian Brown
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Paradigm - Susan Thomas
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Digital Repository Audit and Certification

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Summing up



Shaping the DPC Session


Outline of the Afternoon Session - Frances Boyle


Breakout Groups


Afternoon Break


Speed Reporting

15.45 - 16.15

Summing Up and Close - Frances Boyle


The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), now in its sixth year, seeks to be a proactive membership organization fostering joint action to address the urgent challenges of securing the preservation of digital resources in the UK.

At the start of the new chapter in its history, the DPC would like to hear from its members and to provide them with an opportunity to shape its next, hopefully equally successful and productive, phase. So please do attend this event which will go some way to inform DPC activities and priorities.

About the Day

The morning session will comprise of presentations from the five short-listed DP Award projects. This will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the diverse and fascinating projects that were showcased at the Conservation Awards ceremony in September. We will also hear the Judges' perspective into how they evaluated the projects. You may even pick up some tips for the 2009 DP Awards!


This session will be chaired by Kevin Ashley, the Chair of the Judging Panel.

After a nutritious lunch and an initial briefing you will break up into groups to focus on your selected topics. We will endeavour to ensure that you are assigned to your preferred group but we cannot always guarantee this and indeed may have to assign you to another group. There will however be an opportunity to contribute views on all issues that will be covered during the day. Full details of your group allocation will be sent to you before the event.

The key recommendations, comments, issues which arise from the discussion will be shared with other participants through a 'speed reporting' session (more about this on the day) followed by the final summing up of all those 'big ideas'.

Breakout Group Themes

The following are the themes which the groups will consider. The bullet points are merely suggestions to kick start the discussions - you may wish to consider other issues within your area - so please do feel free to! Further details will be provided before the event. Please indicate your preferences for the groups, in 1-5 order where (1) is your preferred option.

  1. 'Top 5' for 2008 - Planning for the Near Future:

    1. Consider what are the most (5) important issues in the digital landscape over the coming year
    2. How will these impact on digital preservation?
    3. What are the threats and opportunities that these issues will bring to digital preservation
    4. How can the DPC contribute to these discussions?
    5. How can the DPC take forward these issues on behalf of its members?
  2. DPC Governance:
    1. Look at the mission - is this still relevant? If not why not? [A copy of the published goals etc will be provided]
    2. How would you improve the mission statement?
    3. Look at the goals, aims and principles. Could these be recast, reshaped?
    4. If so how, why etc.
  3. DPC Activities:
    1. What type of event do you find useful e.g. workshops, conferences?
    2. What activities would you like the DPC to run that they have not previously done?
    3. Is the DPC 'Handbook of Digital Preservation' still useful?
    4. Would you like to see the Handbook updated?
    5. Would you like to see a follow up to 'The Mind the Gap' report?
    6. Would you like to see more training programmes offered through the DPC?
  4. Outreach:
    1. Website - how could this be improved?
    2. What information would you like to see on the website?
    3. Awareness alerting tools. What tools work best for you? For example the 'What's New' list on the website, RSS feeds, mailing lists etc.
    4. Create some strap/tag lines for the DPC. Why are these meaningful?
    5. Suggest 5 pragmatic ways how the DPC could continue to serve its members.
  5. Future Gazing - Making Ready for the Mid Future :
    1. Picture star date 2017, what will the digital landscape comprise of then for all our constituencies e.g. learners, citizens, researchers, government etc?
    2. What emerging technologies, trends (social, organizational etc), developments etc will impact on digital preservation?
    3. How can we ensure that the digital preservation component is kept on the agenda of other allied digital initiatives?
    4. How can the DPC empower its members to be fit for the 'digital preservation purpose' now and in the future?

Who Should Attend?

Colleagues from member organizations whatever your role and interest is in digital preservation or related digital asset management and stewardship areas. Your views and comments would be most welcome.

Benefits of Attendance

  • A chance to learn from exemplars of good practice from the DP Award short-listed projects
  • To network and engage with colleagues from other member organizations
  • An opportunity to air your views on matters digital preservation
  • A chance to dabble in 'digital gazing'
  • To contribute to, and take forward the work and aims of the DPC
  • Finally to become a shaper of the DPC

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