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Preserving Research Data: Finding Our Legs at Scholars Portal

Grant Hurley is Digital Preservation Librarian, Scholars Portal and Meghan Goodchild is Research Data Management Systems Librarian, Scholars Portal/Queen’s University Library. They are based in Ontario, Canada As a service provider, Scholars Portal is building a suite of services and infrastructure to support the research data management and preservation in Canada. But a key gap is the ability of our member institutions to make use of these services when there is a lack...

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Stewardship with a network logic

Brian Lavoie is Research Scientist for OCLC in the USA An important class of at-risk digital materials is the myriad forms of output generated over the research lifecycle – think of data sets, computer code, online discussions, e-lab notebooks, and so on. Growing recognition of the value of these materials to the scholarly record has led to many efforts to collect and preserve them over the long term. But mitigating risks associated with preserving digital research outputs...

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Inspiring Confidence: Securing ARCW Security

Sally McInnes is Chair of the ARCW Digital Preservation Group and Head of Unique Collections and Collections Care at the National Library of Wales It has been two years since the Archives and Records Council launched its National Digital Preservation Policy on International Digital Preservation Day, 2017.  Since then, ARCW has made considerable progress in supporting the policy, the aims of which are to: To ensure digital resources of enduring value are selected for preservation and...

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Teaching a Young Dog Old Tricks: Emulation Research at the National Library of Scotland

Sara Day Thomson is Research Officer at the DPC |  Graham Purnell is Digital Preservation Assistant at the National Library of Scotland 1: Getting Our Feet Wet in Emulation World Digital Preservation Day celebrates all the inspiring work being done in digital preservation around the world. It celebrates innovative tools and techniques, effective advocacy and awareness-raising, and collaboration among fellow practitioners. This summer, I got to experience all of those things at the...

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Towards Making Palestinian Research Preserved and Accessible

Rawia Awadallah is Manager of the ROMOR Project in Palestine The Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in Palestinian Higher Education (ROMOR) project aimed to build capacity in research output management in four leading Palestinian State (PS) Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) through establishing Open Access Institutional Repositories (OAIRs) to store and share research outputs and increasing support staff capacity to implement and promote repository...

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From “research output” to “research data” - a willingness to move forward?

Wachiraporn Klungthanaboon is Lecturer at the Department of Library Science at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand About 10 years ago, the idea of collocating and providing digital research outputs through an institutional repository or a subject repository for online access was introduced to Thailand. For example, the Library at Chulalongkorn University had built its institutional repository named “CUIR - Chulalongkorn University Intellectual Repositories”. The CUIR has been...

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Ubiquity and the Floppy Disk: Challenges with Obsolete Carriers

Kevin Molloy is Manuscripts Collection Manger at State Library Victoria in Melbourne, Australia Floppy disks have a remarkable technological provenance that dates from the late 1960s. Developing through many iterations, the standard 3½ inch disk, produced from 1981, had become largely ubiquitous by the 1990s as the go-to format for business, personal storage and transfer systems. Use of the 3½ floppy lasted until the mid-2000s, and, as a storage device, is found in many physical collections...

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You put WHAT in the repository??? State Library of Queensland’s project to audit the repository for obsolete physical carriers

Serena Coates is Digital Preservation Coordinator at State Library of Queensland in Australia At State Library of Queensland (like at many other institutions around the world) when we started acquiring digital content on floppy discs, CDs, and DVDs, we didn’t know what to do with them.  So, what was the wisdom of the day?  “Put it in a box, and store it in the repository until there is a time when we work out what to do with it.”  For State Library, that time...

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New "What To Keep" research data report published by Jisc

“What To Keep?” a new Jisc research data report by Neil Beagrie of Charles Beagrie Ltd has just been published by Jisc. What to keep in terms of research data has been a recognised issue for some time but research data management and in particular appraisal and selection (i.e. “what to keep and why”) has become a more significant focus in recent years as volumes and diversity of data have grown, and as the available infrastructure for ‘keeping’ has become more diverse.

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Save Your Social Media: a quick 'how-to' for downloading your valuable photos and content shared online

This post is for anyone with a social media account - not just those working professionally in digital preservation - who want to keep their valuable photos and content safe.  Some quick pointers on saving and backing-up social media photos and other content Social media platforms – including Flickr, Facebook (& Instagram), Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other Google services – are designed for sharing not archiving. When you tick ‘agree’ to their User Agreements, you license...

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Cinderella's Stick - A Fairy Tale for Digital Preservation

Yannis Tzitzikas is Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Computer Science Department of the University of Crete and Affiliated Researcher in the Information Systems Lab at FORTH-ICS, Greece and Yannis Marketakis works as an R&D Engineer in the Information System Laboratory at FORTH-ICS. They are authors of Cinderella's Stick: A Fairytale for Digital Preservation Once upon a time, a life changing opportunity is offered to Daphne (our modern-day Cinderella). An...

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Preserving Research Data

Brian Lavoie is Senior Research Scientist for OCLC Research The scholarly record is evolving to incorporate a broader range of research outputs, moving beyond traditional publications like journal articles and monographs. Research data is a salient and well-documented example of this shift, and many universities are now investing considerable resources in developing RDM services for their campus, as we document in our recent Realities of Research Data Management report series. These...

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What Do We Need & What Can We Do Without for Digital Preservation Storage?

Andrea Goethals is Digital Preservation Manager at the National Library of New Zealand What We Learned by Playing Games at iPRES 2018 Over the last few years a group of us have been working on a list of criteria for storage that supports digital preservation (see version 3 at At the recent “Using the Digital Preservation Storage Criteria” iPRES 2018 workshop, we put the criteria to the test.

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Digital Preservation Topical Notes Series

This series of topical notes aims to address key issues of digital preservation for a non-specialist audience. Starting with "What is Digital Preservation?", the notes examine why digital preservation is important while giving an overview of the steps needed to maintain access to digital information. Written specifically with record creators in mind, the notes also provide simple guidance on how they can ensure their digital records are preservation ready. The development of this series of...

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The EC Vision of our Access and Preservation Mission

On the 25th of April this year (2018) the European Commission released its Recommendation on access to and preservation of scientific information Brussels, 25.4.2018 C(2018) 2375 final (author resists temptation of side-rant on ISO standard date formats). This work by Mariya Gabriel and Carlos Moedas replaces that by Neelie Kroes (then Commission Vice-President) back in 2012. This revision ”recognises that big data and high-performance computing are changing the way research is...

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The Threat of the Double Extinction

Cees Hof is Project Acquisition Manager at Data Archiving and Networked Services(DANS) in the Netherlands  A first glimpse at the DPC ‘Save the Bits’ announcement on the compilation of a list of Digitally Endangered Species confused me when it passed my screen. Further scanning the text only increased this feeling as I encountered more ‘species’ related references, but it soon turned out I was misled by my own biologically biased search image. It was especially the ‘IUCN Red List of...

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Lossy Accelerant: Surfeit and Fragment in Digital Collections Archives

Jefferson Bailey is Director of Web Archiving Programs for The Internet Archive in the USA Archival collections have always been incomplete. Being homogenous, selective groups of records preserved through time, they support attestation and evidentiary consideration only through their longitudinal availability. Multiple appraisal, selection, and processing strategies have developed over the history of the archival endeavor to address the ways in which the archival collection is, by...

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Bit Preservation is NOT a Question of Technology!

{jcomments on} Eld Zierau is Digital Preservation Specialist PhD at the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, Denmark  And yes, it does involve technology, but technology is just a tool, in the same way as a word processing editor is a tool for a writer. Today, there is a growing awareness of the need for bit preservation, but there are still a lot of talk about backup, hardware longevity, bit preservation as a technology solution etc. I will here focus on the technology...

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If I had a time machine: Letter to past-DP-newbie-me

{jcomments on} Michelle Lindlar is Digital Preservation Team Leader at Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) in Germany. Dear past self, You left your IT job a couple of months ago to work in digital preservation. It seemed like a really exciting and good fit given your background and interests. I think you’re still trying to work out the culture shock of working in a public service environment and trying to figure out what digipres is ‘zactly. I thought a few pointers and...

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Cloudy Culture: Preserving digital culture in the cloud

Part 4: Costs and tools The National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, National Galleries of Scotland and the Digital Preservation Coalition are working together on a project called Cloudy Culture to explore the potential of cloud services to help preserve digital culture. This is one of a number of pilots under the larger EUDAT project, funded through Horizon2020. We’ve already published an introduction to Cloudy Culture and reports on uploading and file fixity and...

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