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Save Your Social Media: a quick 'how-to' for downloading your valuable photos and content shared online

This post is for anyone with a social media account - not just those working professionally in digital preservation - who want to keep their valuable photos and content safe.  Some quick pointers on saving and backing-up social media photos and other content Social media platforms – including Flickr, Facebook (& Instagram), Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other Google services – are designed for sharing not archiving. When you tick ‘agree’ to their User Agreements, you license...

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Digital Preservation Topical Notes Series

This series of topical notes aims to address key issues of digital preservation for a non-specialist audience. Starting with "What is Digital Preservation?", the notes examine why digital preservation is important while giving an overview of the steps needed to maintain access to digital information. Written specifically with record creators in mind, the notes also provide simple guidance on how they can ensure their digital records are preservation ready. The development of this series of...

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Bit Preservation is NOT a Question of Technology!

{jcomments on} Eld Zierau is Digital Preservation Specialist PhD at the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, Denmark  And yes, it does involve technology, but technology is just a tool, in the same way as a word processing editor is a tool for a writer. Today, there is a growing awareness of the need for bit preservation, but there are still a lot of talk about backup, hardware longevity, bit preservation as a technology solution etc. I will here focus on the technology...

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