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Get Ready ‘cause here comes World Digital Preservation Day

Songs, video clips, hackathons, global events and institutions opening their doors showcasing what digital preservation is all about: That’s World Digital Preservation Day in a nutshell. On Thursday 2 November – in just 2 weeks’ time - World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD) 2023 starts when the sun comes up in Samoa... 

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Notes on the Clear Blue Yonder: Technical Debt and Digital Preservation

Obfuscate and Accumulate Here’s an idea that comes out of a clear blue sky: we don’t talk enough about technical debt in digital preservation. It’s an important concept and one we could be working with. Technical debt is a term used in software development to describe the costs that arise when an easy or cheap solution is adopted over a fully worked out, properly documented, long-term solution. Expedient or cheap solutions which don’t have forwards compatibility make future changes costly if...

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Reducing the pain of procurement

Michael Popham is Digital Preservation Analyst at the DPC and Jenny Mitcham is Head of Good Practice and Standards at the DPC. Perhaps you’ve been given the go-ahead to procure a “digital preservation system”, or you’re trying to work out what differentiates such a system from the applications and infrastructure that you already have in place? How do you decide what you really need, especially in light of the rapidly evolving marketplace of commercial and open source preservation...

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DPC Procurement Toolkit 2.0 now available!

The DPC is proud to announce the launch of version 2.0 of the DPC Procurement Toolkit with updated and brand-new content. The procurement of third-party systems and services has become an essential component of many organizations’ digital preservation programmes, but it can be a challenging process requiring lots of effort with no guarantee of a good outcome.

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Digitisation and digital preservation practice – making archives available and keeping it accessible (part 3)

Ros Malone is School Archivist for Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School in Perth, Australia Image Keys: Easing Barriers to Retrieval in the School Archives It’s a familiar problem for many Schools and School Archives, and indeed for collections of all kinds – what can be done with our vast collection of untitled, un-tagged digital images?

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Digital Preservation Procurement Toolkit v2.0

Use this to help deliver a successful procurement of third party digital preservation services or infrastructure This Toolkit does not aim to provide a guide to procurement itself, but instead to provide advice on how to get the best result possible out of a procurement process with a minimum of pain. It has been designed primarily for DPC Members who are procuring services, but it will also provide benefits to DPC Supporters by improving communication, clarity and efficiency throughout a...

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