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Digital Preservation Procurement Toolkit

Use this to help deliver a successful procurement of third party digital preservation services or infrastructure This Toolkit does not aim to provide a guide to procurement itself, but instead to provide advice on how to get the best result possible out of a procurement process with a minimum of pain. It has been designed primarily for DPC Members who are procuring services, but it will also provide benefits to vendors/suppliers by improving communication, clarity and efficiency throughout...

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Suite deal for DPC Members

It's been all action at the DPC in recent weeks, what with new members of staff and even a new office in Australia, but we've also been beavering away on some new member offerings in the background. In this blog post I'm going to talk about a suite of new (and revised) resources for our members which will be appearing over the next few months.

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Procuring Digital Preservation: A Briefing

Introduction Selecting and deploying solutions is challenging enough in well-established business processes: but where the processes are new, or where the available resource to support procurement is stretched, moving from project to ‘business as usual’ can be hard.  It helps that a healthy market of digital preservation tools and services is emerging rapidly, into which a series of companies and not-for-profit agencies are now supplying products. And so digital preservation staff are...

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Procuring Preservation: Writing and understanding requirements in digital preservation

Introduction The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to invite members to a briefing day that will explore themes related to procuring and implementing digital preservation solutions, especially where that involves establishing and describing requirements for developers, programmers and vendors. Digital preservation typically involves a wide range of skills and it’s unusual to find all the necessary skills in one person. Even larger organisations find it necessary to employ...

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