Added on 2 November 2023

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) welcomes Evolved Binary to its Supporter Program this World Digital Preservation Day!

Established in 2014, Evolved Binary specialises in information storage and retrieval, providing development and consultancy services to help organisations with their complex archival, and access needs.

“Evolved Binary is excited to join the DPC community. We look forward to both sharing our expertise and knowledge in the areas of preservation, archiving, and cataloguing, and also to learning from the DPC members,” explains Adam Retter, Director of Evolved Binary.

The DPC’s Supporter Program enables a structured, ongoing dialogue between members and solution providers; enabling vendors and solution providers to access and track the changing needs and challenges faced by DPC members.

Sarah Middleton, Head of Advocacy and Community Engagement for the DPC, welcomed the news, saying: “We’re delighted to see a real range of Supporters engaging with the DPC community. And, with their own experiences and expertise, Evolved Binary certainly adds to this vibrant and diversified market of digital preservation solutions.”

From August 2023, the DPC Supporter Program offers a tiered fee structure designed to enable as many different types of organization to engage with the global DPC community through focused activities, as well as the DPC’s broader program of events. This offers a route to participation for sole traders and micro-agencies, those operating on a non-profit or charitable basis, companies who offer purely open-source solutions and new entrants into the digital preservation market, as well as larger agencies.

All funds raised by the DPC Supporter Program will be used in first instance to support grants to members for training and workforce development, to subsidize training workshops or to sponsor DPC membership for charities and not-for-profits.

The DPC enables its members to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services through advocacy, community engagement, workforce development, capacity-building, good practice and good governance.


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