Added on 7 November 2019

In celebration of World Digital Preservation Day 2019, it is our pleasure to announce the updated DPC Technology Watch Report ‘Preserving Email (2nd Edition)’ by Christopher J Prom is now open to the public.

Following on from the popular 2011 report and the successful Task Force on Technical Approaches for Email Archives, this report reviews the current state of email preservation and offers recommendations for information professionals (such as organizational leaders, records managers, IT professionals, librarians, archivists and curators) who seek to preserve email for its cultural, legal or administrative value.

Whatever choices that people and repositories make, this report describes the key policies, implementation strategies, procedures, tools, and services that can be drawn upon when developing an email preservation programme. Ultimately, it presents a hopeful message: by implementing appropriate technical standards, capture methods, and processing tools, every archivist, curator, records manager, or other information professional can take practical steps to preserve email for its legal, administrative, or historical value.

Download & read the report here.

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