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Evolving Email Archive Investigation: From Full Text Search to Generative AI-Aided Q&A

Peter Chan is the web archivist at Stanford University Libraries. He served as the project manager for the ePADD initiative from 2012-2019.  This blog was created with the assistance of ChatGPT.   Introduction Email archives are a valuable resource for individuals and organizations alike. They contain a wealth of information and insights that can be harnessed for various purposes. However, navigating through extensive email archives can be a daunting task. In this article,...

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Time to get yourself N2KH-ready!

The newest training course in the Novice-to-Know-How series (N2KH) will be available soon. If you haven’t done the original N2KH Learning Pathway yet, now is the time! You might have already heard: for the past 4 months The National Archives in the UK and the Digital Preservation Coalition have been busy developing a new online training course on email preservation. The training is the latest in the digital preservation learning pathway “Novice to Know-How” and will be launched in June...

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Investigating podcast preservation at the University of Kent

Clair Waller is Digital Archivist at the University of Kent Introduction The University of Kent Archive (UKA) is the repository for records created by Kent’s central administration and other constituent parts of the University. It was established in the year of our 50th anniversary, 2015, and has been developing in terms of scope, practice, and content since then. The UKA holds collects and preserves content from across the university, including papers on foundation and establishment of...

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Getting Started with Advocacy for Digital Preservation (Western Timezones)

26th July, 1300 - 1430 UTC and 28th July, 1300 - 1430 UTC (click for local times) This training has been timed to be suitable for attendees in Europe, Africa and the Americas, but you are welcome to attend whichever session you prefer. Introduction Digital preservation relies on a wide range of skills and services, so practitioners and managers must coordinate a diverse set of skills, policies, tools and services from disparate sources within and outside their organisations....

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PRONOM Drop-in Sessions 

The PRONOM team would also like to share details of their PRONOM drop-in sessions. These are open/ unstructured sessions with members of the PRONOM Team to talk about your current research and ask/answer any questions you may have. The team are hoping to trial this at first and currently the dates would be:

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Understanding User Needs: DPC publishes next in Technology Watch Guidance Note Series on Access to digital collections.

The DPC has released the next in its series of Technology Watch Guidance Notes on Access to digital collections. The new Guidance Note entitled Understanding User Needs by Sharon McMeekin is available as a one-month Member preview from today. Understanding User Needs provides a pragmatic approach to conducting and interpreting a user needs analysis, whilst highlighting the importance and significance of the results.

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Member preview of new ‘Data Type’ Technology Watch Guidance Note Series

The DPC has released the first four of a brand-new series of Data Type Technology Watch Guidance Notes for Member preview today. The topics covered in the set are documents, email, spreadsheets and databases. Each of the Guidance Notes in the Data Type series is designed to provide a primer on the current state of community knowledge about types of data commonly encountered by those seeking to preserve digital holdings.

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