Added on 25 September 2023

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is delighted to announce that boxxe, provider of hardware, software and managed IT services, is the newest organization to become part of its Supporter Program.

Having worked within the field of data infrastructure for more than 20 years, boxxe is a creator of flexible technology solutions, with expertise in security and data management, supporting its customers’ data journey through retention, storage, archive and/or preservation.

“At boxxe, we have a real passion and enthusiasm for supporting our customers with the forward-thinking use of technology. We believe that IT should always be a positive enabler for change and progress,” explains James Melhuish, Head of Infrastructure Solutions at boxxe.

"Embracing the opportunity to engage with the DPC, actively listening and learning from its esteemed members, will empower us to continually advance our knowledge in the dynamic field of digital preservation. By doing so, we position ourselves as thought leaders, staying at the forefront. This commitment not only enriches our understanding but also strengthens our ability to remain a customer-focused and centric business, fully aligned with the evolving needs of our customers."

Sarah Middleton, Head of Advocacy and Community Engagement for the DPC, welcomed the news, saying: “We often hear from DPC members that is difficult to persuade IT departments of the importance of digital preservation. So I am enormously encouraged to have boxxe as part of the DPC Supporter Program, bringing with them their understanding of the data journey as well as strategies to digitally preserve information across the boundaries of the IT lifecycle. I think we will all learn from the perspectives they will bring to the DPC community.”

boxxe will join the program for the 2023 Digital Preservation Futures webinar series and Panel Discussion, offering DPC members a chance to meet and chat to all Supporters.

The DPC Supporter Program enables a structured, ongoing dialogue between members and those organizations offering tools, technology and professional services. From August 2023, the DPC Supporter Program offers a tiered fee structure designed to enable as many different types of organization to engage with the global DPC community through focused activities, as well as the DPC’s broader program of events.

All funds raised by the DPC Supporter Program will be used in the first instance to support grants to members for training and workforce development, to subsidize training workshops or to sponsor DPC membership for charities and not-for-profits.

The DPC enables its members to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services through advocacy, community engagement, workforce development, capacity-building, good practice and good governance.

About boxxe

"We connect people in businesses across all sectors with hardware, software and managed IT services. Through 30 years of expertise, perfecting what works for you and tweaking what doesn’t, we implement flexible tech solutions, all underpinned by world-leading security and smart data management. Our range of services empower organizations, enhance teams, and provide tech solutions through strategic consultancy, enabling effective performance and transformation, accelerating growth, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. With a passion for sustainability, we put people, our partners and the environment at the heart of everything we do. We Make Tech Human."

About the DPC Supporter Program

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