20 February 2019 | 16:00 GMT Online

The Digital Preservation Awards 2018 (DPA2018) Winners Webinar Series provides an opportunity to learn more about some of the latest and best digital preservation initiatives, recently celebrated by the Digital Preservation Awards on World Digital Preservation Day 2018 in Amsterdam.

Each episode explores the winning entry for each category of the Digital Preservation Awards, providing an overview of each initiative, investigating how their work might be used within the community, and providing an opportunity for discussion with awards winners.

EPISODE 3: Navigating the PDF/A Standard

The PDF/A standard is a component of many institutional repository file format policies. However, full conformance with the standard is often difficult to achieve for born-digital documents.

Anna's DPA2018 Award winning paper presents findings from trial migrations/normalization to PDF/A of student papers held in the Oxford University Research Archive. Her study tests multiple PDF/A creation software and format validation tools in use by institutions. It further presents findings from interviews with institutional repository staff currently using the standard within their workflows. With these datasets as its basis, the paper identifies common occurrences of non-conformances with the PDF/A standard and discusses to what extent these non-conformances present preservation risks.

Join this webinar to find out more about the PDF/A standard, validation tools and how they can be used.


  • Anna Oates


Winners 2 LR

Laura Molloy and Laura Mitchell present Anna Oates with the National Records of Scotland for the Most Distinguished Student Work in Digital Preservation

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