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Digital Preservation Awards 2022 Finalists Announced: Dutch Digital Heritage Network Award for Teaching and Communications

The next set of finalists for the prestigious Digital Preservation Awards 2022 is revealed, with three more creative initiatives being recognised for their achievements! Finalists for the Award for Teaching and Communications, sponsored by Sound & Vision and the National Archives of the Netherlands on behalf of the Dutch Digital Heritage Network, are (in no particular order):

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How is DPC RAM being used?

How is DPC RAM being used? Here are some examples of how DPC RAM has been used by members of the community to help benchmark their progress in digital preservation. If you have a example of DPC RAM in action that you would like to share please contact us: Assessing where we are with digital preservation - a blog post from Fabiana Barticioti, Digital Assets Manager at LSE Library From 'starting digital preservation' to 'business as usual' - a blog post from Anna McNally, Senior...

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How to level up with DPC RAM

The following resources are provided to help you to move forward with digital preservation after carrying out a RAM assessment.   The resources are organized using the 11  sections of DPC RAM so you can quickly skip to the relevant resources if you want to focus on making progress in a particular area.    We are keen that the community learns from the work that others have carried out, so:  Please contact us if you have suggestions of other resources to add to...

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