6 February 2019 | 16:00 GMT Online

The Digital Preservation Awards 2018 (DPA2018) Winners Webinar Series provides an opportunity to learn more about some of the latest and best digital preservation initiatives, recently celebrated by the Digital Preservation Awards on World Digital Preservation Day 2018 in Amsterdam.

Each episode explores the winning entry for each category of the Digital Preservation Awards, providing an overview of each initiative, investigating how their work might be used within the community, and providing an opportunity for discussion with awards winners.


ePADD is free and open source software developed by Stanford University Libraries and partners that supports the appraisal, processing, preservation, discovery, and delivery of email archives ofpotential historical or cultural value. Over the past five years, ePADD has pioneered the application of machine learning and natural language processing to confront challenges that collection donors,archivists, and researchers routinely face in donating, administering, preserving, or accessing email collections. This includes screening email for confidential, restricted, or legally-protected information, preparing email for preservation, and making the resulting files (which incorporates preservation actions taken by the repository) discoverable and accessible to researchers.

Join this webinar to find out more about ePADD's capabilities and how you might use it in your organisation.



Winners 5. LRjpg Natalie Harrower and Neil Chue Hong present Josh Schneider with the Software Sustainability Institute Award for Research and Innovation

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