25 June 2007 Euston Road, London | British Library Conference Centre



The JPEG2000 image compression technique has been cited by experts as a new archiving format for digital images. It is both a preservation and delivery format, and has been seen as a possible alternative to the TIFF format which most institutions use as a long-term archiving standard. Produced by both imaging experts and the Joint Photographic Experts Group, it is now a recognised ISO standard. The standard JPEG file format which is so widely in use is not yet an ISO standard.

JPEG 2000 allows a wide range of uses and can support a wide range of formats and multiple resolutions. It can also offer both lossy and lossless compression modes. Most importantly it is a flexible file format which allows metadata to be built in to the file, a vital element of the digital preservation process.

However, the standard is not yet widely in use and there is as yet no native support for it in internet browsers. More investigation and practical implementations of the standard are yet to be seen but it could be used as a potential archival standard.

The workshop

This forum will look more into the details of the standard and expert speakers who are familiar with the standard or have implemented it will share their experiences. The forum will also include industry experts to talk about the creation of the file formats. Delegates will learn about the benefits of the standard, especially with regard to digital preservation and whether it is worth implementing it within their own institutions as an image storage format. Guest speakers include Bill Comstock, Harvard College Library, Christoph Becker, Vienna University of Technology, Manfred Thaller, Cologne University and Jim King, Adobe.

Who should attend the workshop?

Digital Repository Developers, Library and Archives professionals, Digital Preservation (technology watchers) future trends, Information Managers (public sector) and anyone with large numbers of images within their institutions or companies.

Cost of the workshop is £60 for DPC members and £100 for non members


The workshop will be chaired by Professor Roger James, Head of Digital Library Infrastructure, British Library.

Morning session


Arrival, registration and coffee


Welcome and introduction - Rory McLeod, Digital Preservation Manager BL


Update on JPEG 2000 and JPEG activities (PDF 810KB) - Richard Clark, Director of Elysium Ltd., JPEG webmaster


"Preservation Planning in PLANETS" (PDF 1.3MB) - Christoph Becker, Vienna University of Technology.


"JP2's preservation capabilities within PLANETS" (PDF 651KB) plus Mona Lisa Images (PDF 10MB) Volker Heydegger, Cologne University





Afternoon session


"Using pSNR thresholds to modulate the degree of lossy compression in JPEG2000 files" (PDF 7.7MB). Bill Comstock, Head, Imaging Services, Harvard College Library


"How do I decide if JPEG2000 is for me? Choosing standards when there are so many" (PDF 133KB). Simon Tanner, Kings College London


"Document Formats and Image Formats" (PDF 3.4MB)
Jim King, Adobe


Q & A followed by coffee


Panel Session chaired by Roger James.

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