21 November 2011 Bristol | Wills Hall, University of Bristol


Digital preservation helps to deliver lasting impact from highly prized and valuable digital resources. This is often understood as a technical challenge but experience shows that a poor fit between technology, processes and regulations constrains preservation actions and significantly inhibit the benefits which long-term access ought to deliver. Operating within a complicated and evolving legal and regulatory landscape, the digital preservation community needs a clear understanding of what it is permitted to do and what risks might inhere within technical processes like format shifting, migration, bit replication and emulation. Foremost among these challenges is the management, protection and evolution of intellectual property rights. It has long been recognised that digital rights management and encryption present a barrier to preserving content. But intellectual property rights do not just impact on the contents of archives but applies also to the containers, wrappers and formats which make the contents accessible.

This joint DPC JISC Digital Media briefing day, will examine and discuss key concepts of intellectual property rights as they impact on digital preservation. It will provide a forum to review and debate the latest developments in the law as it applies to preservation and it will initiate a discussion on how simple legal processes can be deployed. Based on commentary and case studies from leaders in the field, participants will be presented with emerging tools and technologies and will be encouraged to propose and debate the future for these developments. The day will include a discussion of:

  • Intellectual property rights in format migration and emulation
  • Intellectual property rights in information and product lifecycles
  • Licensing preservation actions and digital rights management for the long term
  • Emerging trends and tools for managing intellectual property in preservation

Who should come?

  • Collections managers, curators and archivists in all institutions
  • Tools developers and policy makers in digital preservation
  • Innovators and researchers in information policy and management
  • Innovators and researchers in computing science
  • Vendors and providers of digital preservation services

Provisional Programme

1030 Registration and Coffee

1100 Welcome and introductions (Karla Young, JISC Media and William Kilbride, DPC)

1105 The nature of the problem, Andrew Charlesworth, Bristol University

1135 Issues of Ownership: case studies in depositing and licensing from the Wellcome Library, Chris Hilton, The Wellcome Library

1200 Case study 2: legalities, migration and emulation, David Anderson, KEEP Project, University of Portsmouth

1225 Case study 3: group discussion and practical exercise, JISC Media

1250 Question and answer

1300 Lunch

1345 Escrow services for long term access: emerging trends and issues, Barbara Kolany, ITM, Muenster University

1410 Emerging Trends: Let's All Meet Up in 2015 - what will IPR for digital preservation look like then, Jason Miles Campbell, JISC Legal

1435 Question and answer

1445 Coffee
1500 Panel session and discussion TBC

1550 Wrap up and thanks William Kilbride (DPC)

1600 Close

Notes from the event

Report on the workshop from Marie Therese Gramstadt: http://kaptur.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/ipr-digitalpreservation-2011/

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