CATLogoThe DPC Competency Audit Toolkit (DPC CAT) has been developed as a companion resource to the DPC Competency Framework. DPC CAT provides users with practical, structured processes for assessing the skill levels of those undertaking digital preservation work at their organization, to assess current skills relating to the competency areas and skill elements presented in the Competency Framework.

The Toolkit itself is composed of a Guide and two Excel workbooks - one for individual assessment activities and one for an organizational audit—which together provide processes to conduct three related competency assessment activities:

  1. An audit of an individual’s current skill levels against those defined by the Competency Framework. This can help with identifying key gaps and facilitate professional development planning.
  2. A comparison of an individual’s role description with the tasks and responsibilities they actually undertake. This can help identify where updates might be required to role descriptions, where workloads may need to be reassessed, and where additional staff or compensation may be required.
  3. An audit of the skills of a group of staff members against the skill levels required to maintain and improve the organization’s digital preservation capabilities. This can identify where skills gaps exist within the organization, highlighting requirements for professional development and/or additional staff members.

The Guide provides step by step guidance on how to use the Excel workbooks to undertake the activities listed above. It also includes advice on issues to consider when preparing for these activities, and suggestions for how the information gathered might be used once the assessments are complete.


The Competency Audit Toolkit is currently available as a DPC Member Preview only, please login to view.



Development of the DPC Competency Audit Toolkit has been supported by the Nuclear Decommissiong Authority.


Reuse of DPC Competency Audit Toolkit Content

The Competency Audit Toolkit is made available for use and reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. In summary, this means the toolkit can be freely shared and adapted as long as proper attribution is made, that it is for non-commercial purposes, and any resources that remix, transform, or build-upon the content carry the same license allowing reuse.


Attributions for the Competency Audit Toolkit should be as follows:

DPC Competency Audit Toolkit, 1st Edition,, Digital Preservation Coalition, © 2022


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