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Digital Preservation and Games

Nance McGovern is Director of Digital Preservation at MIT Libraries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA This year for World Digital Preservation Day I decided to focus on the place of games in digital preservation. The digital preservation community benefits from having digital preservation games to help build understanding and awareness about good practice for digital preservation games also represent an example of complex digital content that may need to be...

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DPA 2014: Game Preservation in the UK by Alasdair Bachell, University of Glasgow

Edited and reorganised excerpt from Alaisdair Bachell's work: The study of video games has become a serious endeavour, with a huge amount of research being dedicated to the sociological and cultural impact of the medium. Forexample, the UK government has put forward plans for tax relief for the video games industry (Wilson, 2013) and its impact is increasingly recognised in the Arts community(Antonelli 2012). The increasing prevalence of video games, both as a business and a focus...

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