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La Red Iberoamericana de Preservación Digital de Archivos Sonoros y Audiovisuales (RIPDASA) frente al riesgo de pérdida de los archivos sonoros y audiovisuales

Perla Olivia Rodríguez Reséndiz es Coordinadora de Red Iberoamericana de Preservación Digital de Archivos Sonoros y Audiovisuales (RIPDASA) e investigadora de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). [English version follows] En el Día Mundial de la Preservación Digital es necesario recordar  que subiste el riesgo de pérdida, tanto de las grabaciones sonoras y audiovisuales registradas en soportes analógicos como de las que fueron creadas de origen digital. Este es un...

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Planning ahead for DVD-Video migration research

Kieran O’Leary is Data and Digital Systems Manager at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin In a moving image archive, there are many objects that can be classified as ‘at-risk’, so it’s hard to pick just one. The one that’s on my mind the most at the moment is optical media, mostly because of an upcoming project involving lots of optical media, specifically DVD-Video. This project is similar to the Loopline Project that resulted in us winning The National Archives Award for...

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It’s just not always a clear cut: Digital, analog and everything in between.

Brecht Declercq is Digitisation and Acquisition Manager for VIAA in Belgium At first glance, there is a strict distinction between carriers of analogue and digital audiovisual information. But in practice, this distinction is not always clear. There are even carriers of audiovisual information that can hardly be catalogued under one of those two names. The word ‘digitisation’ is therefore not always used correctly. Moreover, there is an important difference between digital information,...

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Starting with complexity: Archiving digital-born music compositions from Mac systems of the 80s/90s

Beat Mattmann is Data Librarian FDM & DLZA and Iris Lindenmann is Scientific Assistant for Research Data Management at the University of Basel in Switzerland Background About ten years ago, a music archive took over the private archive of a composer who had already begun composing with digital techniques in the 1980s. The result is impressive: the composer transferred his work on not less than 700 data carriers to the archive, including 660 floppy discs, 26 SyQuest carriers...

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At-Risk Material in UCT Libraries’ Special Collections

Andrea Walker works in Special Collections at the University of Cape Town Libraries, South Africa At-Risk Material in UCT Libraries’ Special Collections This year, the first that UCT Libraries is participating, the theme for World Digital Preservation Day is At-Risk Digital Materials. It’s as if it was tailor-made for us. Even though I work in the historic, beautifully restored Jagger Library, I spend most of my time these days down in the basement, 2 or 3 stories underground (it’s...

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