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Celebrating WDPD2023 at the Nelson Mandela Foundation

This video was sent to us by Zandile Myeka, Metadata and Photographs Archivist at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, in celebration of World Digital Preservation Day 2023.

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The Digital Preservation community celebrates a ‘Concerted Effort’ this World Digital Preservation Day!

2nd November marks World Digital Preservation Day 2023 (WDPD2023)!   With the theme Digital Preservation: A Concerted Effort, WDPD2023 connects the digital preservation community today while we celebrate the positive impact digital preservation has had in another year where digital information and infrastructure have been so instrumental in supporting all parts of our global society. 

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The Risk of Entering a Digital Dark Age

This blog was written by Linda Shave for the Records and Information Management Practitioners Alliance (RIMPA) Australia like many countries around the world is struggling with the rise of a data rich metaverse world, the rise of Quantum information processing and navigating the pitfalls of disinformation, misinformation and malinformation.  Traditional approaches for identifying digital archives for digital preservation are not necessarily agile in today’s world. ...

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Strike up the Band: World Digital Preservation Day 2023

William Kilbride is Executive Director at the Digital Preservation Coalition World Digital Preservation Day takes a musical turn this year. Recognizing the many roles and skills which are required to preserve digital materials, our theme is ‘A Concerted Effort’.  It’s a wonderful metaphor which invites all manner of variations: we will be striking chords, keeping the beat and mostly all singing the same tunes. We will be hitting high notes, developing themes, and calling for all...

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File format recommendations - I wouldn’t say they are unacceptable, but I wouldn’t recommend them either

Last week I joined a webinar entitled “A Comparison of Recommended File Formats and the New Dutch Method for File Format Assessment”. It’s great to see the outcomes of this collaborative work, and it’s clear that it has already played an important role in bringing out some key themes in the preservation approaches of various organizations. But I felt that a number of aspects give cause for concern. The collation of file format policies has highlighted some approaches that I believe should be...

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Title: Preservation Digitisation Project – Digitising the Tasmanian Archives audio visual collection

Karin Haveman is Acting Manager Government Archives and Preservation at the Tasmanian Archives and Digitisation Services Coordinator In February 2021, Libraries Tasmania launched the Preservation Digitisation Project – a major collaborative project that brings together Digitisation Services, System Support and Delivery, Government Archives, and the Community Archives teams. The aim of this project is to digitise our Tasmanian film, sound, and video collections for long-term...

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Breaking down the barriers between refugee voices and the future

Tom Wilson is Associate Archivist (Digital Preservation) at the UN High Commission for Refugees Breaking down barriers is something that often appears in the day-to-day work of UNHCR albeit, more often than not, in the metaphorical sense. Whether it’s providing shelter for refugees, access to healthcare, informing the public of the plight of refugees and other persons of concern or one of the many other activities that UNHCR carries out, UNHCR seeks to remove the barriers that can...

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Understanding User Needs: DPC publishes next in Technology Watch Guidance Note Series on Access to digital collections.

The DPC has released the next in its series of Technology Watch Guidance Notes on Access to digital collections. The new Guidance Note entitled Understanding User Needs by Sharon McMeekin is available as a one-month Member preview from today. Understanding User Needs provides a pragmatic approach to conducting and interpreting a user needs analysis, whilst highlighting the importance and significance of the results.

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Getting Started and Making Progress training modules

Face to face training is available on request for members. This page provides access to the training resources for the Getting Started and Making Progress courses. Getting Started with Digital Preservation 'Getting Started with Digital Preservation' introduces delegates to common digitial preservation concepts and issues before walking them through the firsts steps they can take to manage their digital assets. This includes bit-level preservation, assessing their digital preservation...

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Career Development Fund

Workforce Development in Digital Preservation The DPC recognizes the very great need among our members for access to specialist training for professional development, as well as the very great risks and costs that are incurred by those that provide and deliver such training. The DPC Career Development Fund (previously known as the Leadership Programme) has been created with the help of DPC’s Supporters to offer an ongoing programme of grants so that our members can attend training and...

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