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File format recommendations - I wouldn’t say they are unacceptable, but I wouldn’t recommend them either

Last week I joined a webinar entitled “A Comparison of Recommended File Formats and the New Dutch Method for File Format Assessment”. It’s great to see the outcomes of this collaborative work, and it’s clear that it has already played an important role in bringing out some key themes in the preservation approaches of various organizations. But I felt that a number of aspects give cause for concern. The collation of file format policies has highlighted some approaches that I believe should be...

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Getting Started with Advocacy for Digital Preservation (Western Timezones)

28th July, 1400 - 1530 UTC and 29th July, 1400 - 1530 UTC (click for local times) This training has been timed to be suitable for attendees in Europe, Africa and the Americas, but you are welcome to attend whichever session you prefer. Introduction Digital preservation relies on a wide range of skills and services, so practitioners and managers must coordinate a diverse set of skills, policies, tools and services from disparate sources within and outside their organisations....

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