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Audiovisual archives & digital preservation

Bertram Lyons is Senior Consultant for AVP I want to tell a story to demonstrate the inherent relationship between audiovisual preservation and digital preservation. 1. What is it about audiovisual preservation today that requires us to engage in digital preservation? My story begins with a collection of folk music analog audio recordings in the Alan Lomax Archive. The year is 2002. The recordings -- I’ll focus on the 2,000 quarter-inch magnetic reel to reel audio tapes -- date from 1948...

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Cloud-Enabled Preservation of Life in the 20th Century White House

Stephanie Tuszynski is Director of the White House Historical Association Digital Library in Washington DC, USA The White House Historical Association was founded in 1961 to "enhance the understanding and appreciation" of the White House by offering educational resources to students, teachers, scholars, and the general public to help them learn about the building and its history. The WHHA Digital Library is a key piece of our outreach strategy, with more than 10,000 images and...

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CIE TC8-15: Colour Imaging for Digital Preservation

Robert Buckley and Melitte Buchman are members of CIE TC8-15 – Archival Colour Imaging Technical Committee where Melitte is the Chair. CIE TC8-15 is the CIE Technical Committee on Archival Colour Imaging.  Overall the CIE is a technical, scientific and cultural non-profit organization in the field of light and lighting, encompassing fundamental subjects as vision, photometry and colorimetry. What does this have to do with the DPC and digital preservation? To the DPC, digital...

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Digital is an Illusion, but Film is a Reality?

Sanchai Chotirosseranee is Deputy Director of the Film Archive (Public Organization) in Thailand When it comes to the digital age, most people believed that there is no need to preserve original materials, once they are digitized. When we had a funding campaign for a film storage a decade ago, Dome Sukvong, the founder of the Thai Film Archive, used the motto inspired by a famous Thai saying that the “Digital is an Illusion, but Film is a Reality” to champion an awareness about the...

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Archiving Scotland's Digital Historic Environment

I’ve been invited to share some initial thoughts and observations as the new Digital Archivist at Historic Environment Scotland (HES), a role I started in mid-August. HES was formed in 2014 following the merger of two parent bodies Historic Scotland and the Royal Commission for the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS). It is the lead public body set up to investigate, care for and promote Scotland’s historic environment. 

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Digital Preservation Topical Notes Series

This series of topical notes aims to address key issues of digital preservation for a non-specialist audience. Starting with "What is Digital Preservation?", the notes examine why digital preservation is important while giving an overview of the steps needed to maintain access to digital information. Written specifically with record creators in mind, the notes also provide simple guidance on how they can ensure their digital records are preservation ready. The development of this series of...

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The Threat of the Double Extinction

Cees Hof is Project Acquisition Manager at Data Archiving and Networked Services(DANS) in the Netherlands  A first glimpse at the DPC ‘Save the Bits’ announcement on the compilation of a list of Digitally Endangered Species confused me when it passed my screen. Further scanning the text only increased this feeling as I encountered more ‘species’ related references, but it soon turned out I was misled by my own biologically biased search image. It was especially the ‘IUCN Red List of...

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'Personal Digital Preservation: Photographs and Video' by Richard Wright

{jcomments on} ‘The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) Technology Watch Report Personal Digital Archiving provides an overall approach and methodology for putting one's “digital house” in order. My purpose in this case note is to add the gory detail about digital photos and video, giving a one-person case study. I say exactly what software and processes I use (and which ones I've considered but rejected, or used and discarded), and try to be frank about successes and...

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Preserving Digital Sound and Vision: A Briefing

Emerging tools and services for digital preservation are typically built around the need to preserve texts, documents, images and data sets.  Audio and video – broadly defined as time-based-media - have received less attention within the library and archive communities, partly because they have historically been seen as distinct, partly because they present new technical challenges, and partly because they have hitherto represented only a small proportion of the collections which memory...

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