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Enhancing Services to Preserve New Forms of Scholarship

Karen Hanson is Senior Research Developer for Portico The last decade or so has seen the emergence of a new kind of scholarly work - the enhanced digital monograph. While still recognizable as monographs, these resources include a variety of dynamic features that cannot be replicated in print format. These works represent a leap forward for scholarship, but their formats, use of dynamic features, and composite nature present complex preservation challenges.  To help address these...

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Preserving eBooks

 The production, distribution and consumption of books have been transformed in the last decade: the technologies that support the book trade have been revolutionised; new entrants into the market suddenly enjoy a dominant position; readers’ expectations of how and what they consume have altered; and the boundaries between books and other types of media are no longer clear. New formats, new expectations about ownership and rapid changes in the underlying economics of the industry each...

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