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How to sell an archive

Alistair Goodall is Head of IT for Crossrail Ltd in the UK Last year we were the proud winners of a Digital Preservation Award for our Crossrail archive and I was lucky enough to experience the passion and enthusiasm for digital preservation at the awards ceremony. Since then we have successfully closed down some of the applications associated with the early stages of our 10 year project (such as land acquisition and property access requests) and these are now available through our...

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Two early episodes on digital preservation… plus one!

José Borbinha works at INESC-ID – Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) at Lisbon University, Portugal (Episode 1) When unsuccessful digital preservation can be convenient The year of 1998 was special. In May, it opened the Lisbon World Exposition! In June, it was held the “Sixth DELOS Workshop on Preservation of Digital Information” in the beautiful Tomar. Finally, in October, I became CIO of the National Library of Portugal. In retrospective, 1998 was my definitive commitment with this...

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Highlights from the E-ARK Conference

{jcomments on} Over the last three years, the partners of the E-ARK Project have worked together to develop and test specifications and tools for the creation and management of information packages for preservation. Around this work they have also been busily undertaking complementary research and resource creation, resulting in a wide variety of new and improved practical solutions for those undertaking digital preservation activities. On a crisp, cold day at the beginning of December...

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‘Preserving Social Media’ and ‘Preserving Transactional Data’

A study commissioned by the UK Data Service as part of their 'Big Data Network' programme on the preservation concerns of two types of big data: 'Preserving Social Media' and 'Preserving Transactional Data'. Preserving Social Media investigated current methods for capturing and archiving this new and novel form of data within the confines of strict platform Terms of Service and increasing technological demands. Preserving Transactional Data looked at the technical, legal,...

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Preserving Transactional Data

Speakers' Presentations Sara Day Thomson, DPC - Key Note: ‘Preserving Transactional Data: a Technology Watch report’ Aidan Condron, UKDA - Case Study: 'Energy Demand Research Project: Smart Reader Trials 2007-2010' Sarah Sheppard, UCL - Case Study: 'The Consumer Data Research Centre and its Data Service' William Kilbride, DPC - 'Broad Strokes and Emerging Trends: a reflection on preservation approaches and big data' Stefan Schweers, GESIS - Case Study: 'Conceptualising a Spatial...

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Is a Data Warehouse a Data Archive and Why Does It Matter?

The E-ARK Project, the Digital Preservation Coalition and the UK Data Archive are delighted to invite you to a workshop on the preservation of relational databases. Introduction Relational database management systems are one of the essential building blocks of information technology. Ubiquitous but often obscured behind layers of scripting, processing, forms and queries, they are arguably the most important invention of the Twentieth Century. It’s hard to think of a software application...

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Open Source and Dynamic Databases

Programme In keeping with using the Forums as a means to keep participants up to date with the latest developments in digital preservation, the 6th DPC Forum focussed on Open Source Software and Dynamic Databases, both of which have been the subject of debate and speculation. A stimulating and thought provoking day began with four presentations on OSS. Alan Robiette provided a comprehensive, historical overview of the development of OSS and its pros and cons. A key drawback (lack of support)...

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