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What is the carbon footprint of large-scale global digital preservation?

Matthew Addis is the Chief Technology Officer at Arkivum. It was great to be at iPRES 2023 in person again this year.  I was privileged to be invited onto a panel called ‘Tipping Point’ that was run by Paul Stokes and Karen Colbron from Jisc.  The panel questioned the premise that there is so much data being generated each year that we are at the point where we no longer have the ability to process it in any meaningful way, let alone curate and preserve it.  Panellists...

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Calendar of Upcoming DPC Grants Now Available

The DPC is pleased to share a new calendar of upcoming 2023 Career Development Fund Grants, now available on the DPC website! The calendar provides a list of all planned 2023 Advertised Grant Opportunities with information on the format, location, dates of event or course, and when the Call For Applicants will be announced via the DPC News page.

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DPC shares French translations of two Technology Watch Guidance Notes on World Digital Preservation Day

[Une version française suit] Adding to a range of other translated resources, the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is delighted to share translations of two Technology Watch Guidance Notes: Preserving Databases and Developing an Access Strategy for Born Digital Archival Material. Now available in French, the Technology Watch Guidance Notes complement the DPC’s popular Technology Watch Report series and are designed to be a ‘bite-sized’ papers containing information about the specific...

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Title: Preservation Digitisation Project – Digitising the Tasmanian Archives audio visual collection

Karin Haveman is Acting Manager Government Archives and Preservation at the Tasmanian Archives and Digitisation Services Coordinator In February 2021, Libraries Tasmania launched the Preservation Digitisation Project – a major collaborative project that brings together Digitisation Services, System Support and Delivery, Government Archives, and the Community Archives teams. The aim of this project is to digitise our Tasmanian film, sound, and video collections for long-term...

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RAM FAQ for DPC Members

On this page we provide answers to the questions that DPC Members have asked us about using DPC RAM. If you have any other questions you think we should add to this list, please let us know.   What support can I get for completing a RAM self-assessment? All DPC members are eligible for advice and support on their annual RAM assessment from the DPC. We can talk through your assessment with you, discuss your target levels and answer any questions you might have. Do contact us if you...

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Saved by digital preservation

Kunika Kono is Technical Lead for Digital Humanities at the Digital Humanities Research Hub, School of Advance Study, University of London Over the last year, many universities in the UK faced organisational restructure, departmental closures and job cuts. The School of Advanced Study and its institutes were no exception, and in February 2021, the Digital & Publishing department in the Institute of Historical Research (IHR), where I worked, effectively closed.

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Member preview of new ‘Data Type’ Technology Watch Guidance Note Series

The DPC has released the first four of a brand-new series of Data Type Technology Watch Guidance Notes for Member preview today. The topics covered in the set are documents, email, spreadsheets and databases. Each of the Guidance Notes in the Data Type series is designed to provide a primer on the current state of community knowledge about types of data commonly encountered by those seeking to preserve digital holdings.

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Benchmarking with DPC RAM: a workshop

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Digital Archives Learning Exchange event at The National Archives and was really pleased to have the opportunity to talk about DPC’s Rapid Assessment Model - a maturity model for digital preservation that we released at the iPRES conference last month.

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