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DPC Forum on Web Archiving

The DPC held a one-day web archiving forum at the British Library. The first DPC web archiving forum was held in 2002 to promote the need to archive websites given their increasing importance as information and cultural resources. Four years on, this event again brought together key web archiving initiatives and provided a chance to review progress in the field. The day provided an in-depth picture of the UK Web Archiving project as well as European initiatives. Technical solutions and legal...

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DPC Briefing on OAIS

The DPC held a briefing day on the OAIS model on 4th April 2006 at the York Innovation Centre. The purpose of the day was to examine the model and provide an informal but in-depth look at the practical application of the Open Archival Information System [OAIS] model in various UK institutions. OAIS is a high-level reference model which describes the functions of a digital archive and has been used as a model for a number of digital archiving repositories. It is now a recognized and...

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DPC Meeting on Preservation Metadata

The Digital Preservation Coalition has commissioned a series of Technology Watch reports on themes known to be of key interest to DPC members. The authors of the Technology Watch Report on Preservation Metadata (PDF 209KB) - Brian Lavoie, OCLC, and Richard Gartner, University of Oxford - agreed to lead an informal meeting of DPC members, many of whom have an active interest in this area.. Attendance was open to DPC members only and there was no charge. Numbers were limited to a maximum of...

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Report for the DCC/DPC Workshop on Cost Models for preserving digital assets

The DCC/DPC joint Workshop on Cost Models for preserving digital assets was held at the British Library on 26th July, and was the first joint workshop between the two organisations. Around seventy delegates from the UK, Europe, and the US were treated to a rich and stimulating source of information and discussion on costs and business models with a number of key themes emerging. Maggie Jones gave the welcome and introduction, on behalf of Lynne Brindley, and emphasised the need, not just to...

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Report on the DPC Meeting on the large-scale archival storage of digital objects

The DPC Meeting on Mass Storage Systems was held in York on 22nd April. The meeting was open to DPC members only and was intended to be an informal discussion of mass storage systems, structured around the latest DPC Technology Watch report, Large Scale Archival Storage  and authored by four members of the DOM team at the British Library. Richard Masters, Sean Martin, Jim Linden, and Roderic Parker led discussion of the decision-making and planning which led to development of...

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Digital Preservation in Institutional Repositories

The 9th DPC Forum was a collaboration between CURL and the British Library. The theme of institutional repositories was proposed by CURL as being very timely as the move from theory to practice is likely to accelerate, requiring more emphasis on sustainability and lessons learned from the practical experience of early adopters. Clifford Lynch's quote from a recent RLG DigiNews : 'An institutional repository needs to be a service with continuity behind it........Institutions need to recognize...

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Digital Preservation: the global context

Report on the DPC Forum held at the British Library Conference Centre, Wednesday 23 June 2004. The 8th DPC Forum attracted the biggest audience to date for a DPC Forum. Around 100 delegates were kept interested and informed by a very rich programme with presentations from several experts from the U.S and Europe. One key theme running throughout the day was the need for active collaboration at every level and across sectoral and geographic boundaries. Speaker after speaker illustrated how this...

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Archives: adapting to the digital age

Report on the DPC Forum, Archives: adapting to the digital age Held at the National Archives, Kew, Wednesday 24th September 2003 Around 40 participants attended the 7th DPC Forum, which was held at the National Archives, Kew. The Forum was timed to coincide with Archives Awareness month so it was appropriately held at TNA and focussed on archives in the digital age. It also coincided with the anticipated Autumn internet launch of TNA's PRONOM database...

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Open Source and Dynamic Databases

Programme In keeping with using the Forums as a means to keep participants up to date with the latest developments in digital preservation, the 6th DPC Forum focussed on Open Source Software and Dynamic Databases, both of which have been the subject of debate and speculation. A stimulating and thought provoking day began with four presentations on OSS. Alan Robiette provided a comprehensive, historical overview of the development of OSS and its pros and cons. A key drawback (lack of support)...

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Infrastructure and Development

Programme 9.30 - 10.00 Registration and Coffee     10.00 - 10.10 Welcome and IntroductionGerry Slater, Chief Executive PRONI, Member of DPC Board of Directors     Session 1 Developing Infrastructure for Digital Preservation in the UK     10.10 - 10.40 The DPC Business Plan and the Proposed UK Needs Survey (PDF 105KB)Duncan Simpson, Consultant, Responsible for preparation of the DPC Business...

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Preservation of e-Learning Materials and Cost Models for Digital Preservation

Presentations This was the fourth forum held by the Digital Preservation Coalition. The Forums aim to share experience from leading projects with DPC members organisations and to address topical issues in digital preservation. With the growth of distance learning and an increasing effort to digitise collections and package them for use in education in school, colleges, and universities, developing digital respositories and standards for managing learning objects are growing issues. The first...

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Digital File Longevity (compiled for R&D in Digital Asset Preservation)

Resources compiled by Julian Jackson This subject is relatively new and there are not many sources dealing with the longevity of digital image files. The sites below list many a variety of sites which will be helpful in finding out more. Howard Besser of UCLA, in particular, has written much on the subject and compiled links to other useful resources We know that photographic negatives, transparencies and prints last a long time. They are reliable forms of storing data. Recently the Royal...

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Future R&D for Digital Asset Preservation

DPC Forum with Industry5th June, 2002. Prospect House York Road London SE1 7AW Since its inception the DPC has aimed to gain industry awareness of its key messages and of the future needs and opportunities that lie ahead. This forum is part of that process. During the day representatives from the private and public sector will be speaking. They will address long-term trends and the research and development issues involved in the implementation of continuing access and preservation strategies...

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Web-archiving: managing and archiving online documents and records

Web sites are an increasingly important part of each institution's digital assets and of this country's information and cultural heritage. This event, organised by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), brought together key organisations in the field of web archiving in order to assess the needs of organisations to archive their own and others' web sites, to highlight good practice, and to influence the wider debate about digital preservation. Meeting Report This meeting report provides a...

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Digital Curation: digital archives, libraries, and e-science

This was an invitational seminar sponsored by the Digital Preservation Coalition and the British National Space Centre. The seminar aimed to raise the profile of the Open Archival Information System Reference Model (OAIS) standard in the UK and share practical experience of digital curation in the digital library sector, archives, and e-sciences. Presentations Digital Curation: digital archives, libraries and e-science - report by Philip Pothen JISC A report on an invitational seminar held...

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