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Spanish Language Webinars Program in sound and audiovisual digital preservation

The Spanish Language Webinars Program in Digital Preservation of Sound and Audiovisual Archives is an alternative to the lack of training programs and documentation in Spanish in the field of sound and audiovisual archives in the Ibero-American region. The curriculum provides attendees useful and practical information about the management and care of digital archives to minimize the risk of loss of sound and audiovisual collections in the region. This initiative is part of the objectives for...

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Preserving Moving Image & Sound: a DPC Briefing Day

The DPC invites you to join a briefing day to learn about emerging best practice in the digital preservation of sound and moving image. Invited speakers will share their experiences preserving these valuable collections at high risk of degradation and loss. Talks will address on-going work at national institutions tasked with looking after digital heritage as well as small organisations doing sound and moving image preservation on a shoe-string budget. Participants will have the opportunity to...

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DPA2018 Winners Webinars: EPISODE 5 - IFI Loopline Project

The Digital Preservation Awards 2018 (DPA2018) Winners Webinar Series provides an opportunity to learn more about some of the latest and best digital preservation initiatives, recently celebrated by the Digital Preservation Awards on World Digital Preservation Day 2018 in Amsterdam. Each episode explores the winning entry for each category of the Digital Preservation Awards, providing an overview of each initiative, investigating how their work might be used within the community, and...

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Audiovisual archives & digital preservation

Bertram Lyons is Senior Consultant for AVP I want to tell a story to demonstrate the inherent relationship between audiovisual preservation and digital preservation. 1. What is it about audiovisual preservation today that requires us to engage in digital preservation? My story begins with a collection of folk music analog audio recordings in the Alan Lomax Archive. The year is 2002. The recordings -- I’ll focus on the 2,000 quarter-inch magnetic reel to reel audio tapes -- date from 1948...

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Everyone’s a winner?!

Kasandra O’Connell is Head of the IFI Irish Film Archive Last year I wrote a blog for World Digital Preservation Day contemplating the progress the Irish Film Institute (IFI) had made in the area of Digital Preservation; this year’s WDPD sees the IFI join the list of nominees for the DPC Digital Preservation awards in the Safeguarding the Digital Legacy category taking place in Amsterdam as part of the WDPD2018 celebrations. The project we are nominated for, The Loopline Conservation...

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Music Treasures

Background Within the Netherlands there are several archives with sheetmusic. There is not a national organization which covers those archives. Due to financial problems in 2013, all these archives were closed for public and their collections were no longer available. The largest collection is at the Stichting Omroep Muziek ((SOM) Dutch Broadcast Music), which has about 650,000 titles, classical music as well as popular music, salon music and, the unique part, the music which was specifically...

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What if … your smartphone movies were suddenly all erased?

Brecht Declercq is Manager of Digitisation and Acquisition at VIAA, the Flemish Institute for Archiving in Belgium There it is, lying next to you. Or maybe it is in your handbag or pocket. It may still be on your bedside table. Or your children are messing with it. Yesterday you used it to make some video clips. From your partner, your parents, your children, your BFF or just from the car before you. You probably didn’t think about it, but you documented your life in images and...

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A Greener Film Archive

Janice Chen is Archive Officer at the Asian Film Archive in Singapore Much has been written about the escalating carbon footprint arising from digital consumption and its resulting environmental impact. The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported that the world needs sweeping changes to energy, transportation and other systems to hold global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.[i] The bleak future facing our world and the devastating natural disasters in 2018 that have hit...

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No Time To Wait 3: Rough Consensus and Running Archives

Ashley Blewer is AV Preservation Specialist for Artefactual Systems   NTTW3 Group picture - Photo credit E. Verbruggen CC-BY

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What does digital preservation mean to you?

{jcomments on} Jaye Weatherburn is Digital Preservation Officer at the University of Melbourne In a review conducted in 2016 for the University of Melbourne’s Digital Preservation Project, key research staff at the university were asked the question, What does digital preservation mean to you? The primary aim of this review was to identify and document gaps in service provision for research data management, and to highlight the main barriers impeding the implementation of sustainable...

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Preserving Digital Sound and Vision: A Briefing

Emerging tools and services for digital preservation are typically built around the need to preserve texts, documents, images and data sets.  Audio and video – broadly defined as time-based-media - have received less attention within the library and archive communities, partly because they have historically been seen as distinct, partly because they present new technical challenges, and partly because they have hitherto represented only a small proportion of the collections which memory...

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