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Art Conservation Meet Software Engineering: Converging Practices in the Preservation of Software-based Art

At a conference earlier this year, the topic of preserving artworks involving digital media had been a recurring topic of discussion during and after talks. One artist, who works extensively with software as a medium, was clearly a little baffled by this preoccupation. Having a background in software engineering, they were quick to point out that this domain has been dealing with these kinds of problem for decades! An interesting provocation - but how much truth is there to it? Can software...

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Digital Preservation: Sustaining Media Art (A Matters in Media Project)

About Digital Preservation: Sustaining Media Art Digital Preservation: Sustaining Media Art is a practical on-line information resource designed specifically to support collectors, artists, and institutions large and small, in the care of their media artworks. It is a project within the larger Matters in Media Art Initiative. This most recent project addresses the challenges of establishing the infrastructure and workflows for digital artworks, specifically digital video. A community...

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DPA 2014: Conservation and Re-enactment of Digital Art Ready-Made, University of Freiburg and Rhizome

The preservation of, and especially the presentation of, complex, non-linear digital objects such as digital art or ancient computer environments has traditionally been a domain reserved for experts. Digital culture, however, is a broader phenomenon. In the instance of digital art, it could and should be easily accessible — however, this is often restricted by too much emphasis on traditional aura and exclusivity. Echoing the impact of digital technologies in many areas of culture, digital art...

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Preserving Digital Art: Directions and Perspectives

Emerging tools and services for digital preservation are typically built around the long-term needs of archives, libraries and research centres. The needs of art museums and galleries are surprisingly absent from much of the debate in digital preservation even though these institutions have considerable skills and statutory requirements to safeguard large collections for private and public good. Innovations in contemporary art means that the traditional skills of the conservator need to be...

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