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Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL) v1.0

The Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL) initiative began as a discussion among digital repository practitioners about the ideal layout and characteristics for a repository’s persisted objects. The need for a common layout grew out of a lack of commonality in the way objects are stored by repositories. It has since grown into an open community effort defining an application-independent way of storing versioned digital objects with a focus on long-term digital preservation. The OCFL represents a...

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Keep the knowledge

{jcomments on} Panos Constantopoulos is Professor in the Department of Informatics at Athens University of Economics and Business & Digital Curation Unit in Greece An answer to the question “what should be preserved?” would typically include digital content of various forms and related metadata.  But what stands for content and where is the limit between content and metadata? The changing notion of ‘document’ and the evolution and spread of computationally supported business...

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