Sarah Middleton

Sarah Middleton

Last updated on 29 November 2017

Although the sun has barely risen over the DPC offices, International Digital Preservation Day (#IDPD17) has been in full swing for at least the last 12 hours thanks to our colleagues in Asia and Australasia who have been doing a great job of celebrating on behalf of the whole community!

International Digital Preservation Day is fundamentally about this large but dispersed community around the world and the opportunities for access and re-use which are made possible when digital assets are preserved. Supported by digital preservation networks around the world – old friends and new - IDPD17 is open to participation from anyone and everyone interested in securing our digital legacy.

While we’ve been asleep a whole pile of blog posts have been published, and we can see through the twitter and instagram feeds that colleagues in New Zealand and Australia are clearing up after important and well-attended events.

But we’re just getting started! And, if you’ve not got something in your diary then there are still plenty of ways to get involved:

  • Share your 'digital preservation day' on Social Media: Take a photo of your desktop; make a short video with your classmates; share updates about your own 'digital preservation day' using the social media platform of your choice. Or persuade an organization you work with to let you take over the corporate social media account for the day to talk about digital preservation. In the run up to the publication of the Bit List, share your thoughts on the most at-risk digital materials? Remember to use the hashtags #IDPD17 and #BitList
  • Blogs: we’re well into the 100 or more blog posts published to the DPC website by members of the digital preservation community throughout the world. DPC members can share their own digital preservation stories with us by posting directly to the blog, or if you are not a member send us the link to your own blog and we’ll share the link.
  • Live events: There is a packed programme of live events taking place around the world on the IDPD17 page of the DPC website. If your event is not listed on the IDPD17 page, send us the details and we can give them some last minute publicity.

We’re also gearing up for the announcement of the ‘Bit List’ which will take place at 12 noon (GMT) in Glasgow. If you can’t be there, the DPC team will be live streaming the event, so make sure you tune in and visit the Bit List page for all the details:

We’ve heard rumours of IDPD17 cakes, costumes and videos – and we can’t wait to see what else the day holds. Don’t let us hold you back, just remember to tell us what you’re up to!

For a detailed program and more information about International Digital Preservation Day visit the event page on the DPC website, follow the hashtags #BitList and #IDPD17 on Twitter for updates or contact for more details.

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