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Jenny Mitcham

Jenny Mitcham

Last updated on 4 November 2021

World Digital Preservation Day is a chance to talk about our digital preservation challenges and some of the progress we have made, both individually, and as a community. Of course, it is also a chance for the community to come together and have a bit of fun in the name of awareness raising.

One of the things I enjoy most about World Digital Preservation Day is the musical contributions. There is no doubt there is some talent in our community of digital preservationists. 

But this year I wondered what would happen if we invited our file formats to take to the floor and have a go at singing. As you can see, they embraced this challenge with great enthusiasm.

file format karaoke with hashtag smaller

Unfortunately our old friend the PDF file could not find a suitable song to contribute so was not able to take part this year. 

file format karaoke pdf with hashtag

Can anyone help?

Perhaps he can join in next year...

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