Martin Iordanidis

Martin Iordanidis

Last updated on 29 November 2017

Martin Iordanidis is Information Safety Officer at HBZ in Germany


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Hey, thats us! Us at the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Centre (hbz) in Cologne, which is an authority of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

As a library service centre we provide a variety of digital services which support academic as well as public libraries. Does that sound like a whole bunch of projects? Yes it does. And that is why most (but not all guys) depicted are busy operating a digital preservation framework based on ExLibris Rosetta since early 2017. As we are running Rosetta in a consortial mode with several academic partners, digital preservation becomes a very multifaceted and complex endeavor. It requires intense project management and communication skills in various directions.

By the way: we are currently looking for both a Java developer and System administrator to support our Rosetta team. So if you always wanted to enjoy the Kölsch lifestyle, both culturally and in a bottle - do not think twice!

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