Jaye Weatherburn

Jaye Weatherburn

Last updated on 6 November 2019

Jaye Weatherburn is Program Manager, Digital Preservation at The University of Melbourne in Australia

This year for World Digital Preservation Day, several passionate souls at the University of Melbourne, in collaboration with friends from the Australasia Preserves community of practice, have produced a video to celebrate all things digital preservation.

We also produced a song to go with our video, based on the Bee Gees’ “Spicks and Specks”. When we were writing the lyrics, we wanted to highlight things we think are needed to support digital preservation. We mention the importance of:

  • People (most importantly!)
  • Funding resources
  • Skills and training
  • Governance and policies
  • Workflows and procedures
  • Metadata (arguably the hardest word to sing in the English language)
  • Tools and infrastructure


Our video tells the story of The Archivist, faced with a dark, lonely, and under-resourced digital repository. We hope this story is shared widely and often, because even though some say we are facing a digital dark age, we know the reality: guardians of the bits and bytes already walk among us!

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Lyrics for Bits and Bytes (Based on the Bee Gees’ “Spicks and Specks”)

Where are the checks

for these

files I moved

The bits and the bytes

They are gone

They are gone

Where's file IDs

That would show

What these are 

And where are the tools

I could use

I could use

Where’s the context 

The metadata

The bits and the bytes

of the files on my mind

Where's the workflow

To do this right 

The zeros and ones

They need care

They need care

Where are the funds

We need to go forth

The dollars and cents

for the files

to be saved

Where is the plan

The clear governance

That shows us the way

The mandate to preserve

All of my job

Makes sense today

The bits and the bytes

Are now here to stay



Bits and bytes

Bits and bytes


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