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Paul Wheatley

Last updated on 12 September 2019

Throughout the last couple of days I've blundered about the twitterspace, having a multidimensional debate about OAIS, prompted in the first instance by this tweet:

I've done some ranting, I've got the wrong end of the stick, I've discussed stuff, I've got completely confused, I've had a few chuckles and now and again I've even managed to say something remotely useful. I've also done quite a bit of reflection on what's been said and I reckon I've learned a lot. I wanted to attempt to write up a summary of what I've learned, and as it's Friday afternoon I've aimed for something reasonably light hearted. So here's ten things I've learnt about using OAIS from a sprawling twitter convo:

  1. OAIS is a high level framework for a digital repository system, not an implementation guide (chant and repeat x 10)
  2. OAIS is a specific tool for a specific job. There are other tools/standards that we are allowed to use as well. One of those things should be a heavy duty look at ethics in digipres.
  3. OAIS is not the final word of the digipres gods. Thou shalt not follow it to the letter, only in spirit, and then only if it makes any sense. Amen
  4. Do not inflict OAIS on a digipres newbee. Even the easy to digest DPC/Lavoie version
  5. All of our digital objects are the same. And they are all unique. Maybe you have 3 different stages of SIP, and your DIPs are just the same as your AIPs. That's a-ok
  6. We will do digipres things that are not described in OAIS. We will be allies of truth, justice, diversity and freedom. And the bits shall be content
  7. You *are* entitled to grumble about OAIS (and PREMIS), and yes, this *will* make you feel better. We will share your pain. We will all feel better
  8. Love *the* diagram, for it is our sign! But triggering the marking of your #digipres bingo card when it appears in presentations shall be its most important role
  9. OAIS is owned by the space data people and always will be. Frankly we're lucky they haven't got in a strop and taken their ball home. At some point digipres will need it's own OAIS standard to love, nurture and cherish. We've learnt a lot in 20 years.
  10. (Just) Save the bits(TM)(DPC), all rights reserved.


#1 Tim Gollins 2019-08-30 15:55
Amen to all of that.

An excellent summary of that rather excellent #OAIS twitter thread that I was privileged to be involved in.
#2 Paul Wheatley 2019-08-30 16:29
Thanks Tim! I've just realised I didn't explicitly reference the collision with 16363 and the confusion/disco mfort arising from the idea of "conformance with OAIS", but at least its implied.
#3 Sharon Smith 2019-09-03 11:55
YES, YES, and YES!!!

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