DPC Awards Digital Preservation Training Programme Scholarships

Added on 12 May 2009

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has awarded two Scholarships on the Digital Preservation Training Programme (DPTP).

A panel of judges selected Grant Young, Digital Preservation Specialist at Cambridge University Library and Vicky Phillips, Digital Standards Manager at Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / National Library of Wales from a strong shortlist. Applicants were judged against three main criteria: the role that DPTP would play in career development; the benefits to their organisation from attendance and the extent to which the applicants job profile within the organisation pertains to digital preservation. Applications were open to DPC members and associates.

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Mind the Gap

Added on 1 June 2008

Report reveals major gaps in long term management of valuable digital assets

15th February 2006

A 'state of the nation' report today reveals that less than 20% of UK organisations surveyed have a strategy in place to deal with the risk of loss or degradation to their digital resources - despite a very high level of awareness of the risks and potential economic penalties.

With the release today of the report, Mind the gap: assessing digital preservation needs in the UK, the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) aims to help government, public institutions and private companies turn high awareness into concerted action.

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ICPSR become DPC Ally

Added on 30 April 2008

The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

It gives me great pleasure to announce that The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) has become an allied organisation of the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC).

The ICPSR ( is, like the DPC a membership organisation.  It encourages and facilitates research and instruction in the social sciences and related areas by acquiring, developing, archiving, and disseminating data and documentation relevant to a wide spectrum of disciplines, and by conducting related instructional programs.

Chris Rusbridge, a Digital Preservation Coalition Board Director, said:

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PDF should be used to preserve information for the future

Added on 1 April 2008

Good news the already popular PDF file format adopted by consumers and business alike is one of the most logical formats to preserve today's electronic information for tomorrow.

According to the latest report released today by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), Portable Document Formats (PDF) is one of the best file formats to preserve electronic documents and ensure their survival for the future.  This announcement will allow information officers to follow a standardised approach for preserving electronic documents.

Information management and long-term preservation are major issues facing consumers and businesses in the 21st Century.  This report is one of a series where The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) aims to think about and address the challenges facing us.

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JPEG 2000 a great step forward for the archival community

Added on 1 February 2008

The Digital Preservation Coalition has examined JPEG 2000 in a report published today.  The report concludes that JPEG 2000 represents a great stride forward for the archival community.  The format now allows for greater compression rates and a recompression rate that is visually lossless.

The findings come as the Digital Preservation Coalition launch its latest 'Technology Watch Report' written by Dr. Robert Buckley, a Research Fellow with Xerox, 'JPEG 2000 - a practical digital preservation standard?'.  The report looks in-depth at the new format and the challenges it has to cope with.  JPEG 2000 is widely used to collect and distribute a variety of images from geospatial, medical imaging, digital cinema, and image repositories to networked images. Interest in JPEG 2000 is now growing in the archival and library sectors, as institutions look for more efficient formats to store the results of major digitisation programmes.

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International Conference, Permanent Access to the Records of Science organised by the EU Alliance.

Added on 15 November 2007

Science Assets of the Digital Age at Risk

Leading figures from the international science community will meet today to try and save the digital records of the world's scientific knowledge from being lost.  Policy-makers from the European Commission and national governments will convene with world-renowned research organisations and digital preservation experts at a strategic conference in Brussels.  They will discuss creation of an Alliance and European infrastructure for preserving and providing permanent access to digital scientific information currently stored in formats which are fast becoming obsolete and growing exponentially in volume.

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Library of Congress and DPC sign agreement

Added on 23 June 2004

DPC signs Memorandum of Unverstanding with the The Library of Congress


The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program of the Library of Congress (NDIIPP) was established after Congress gave approval to the Library of Congress to develop the program in December 2000. In January 2004, Congress approved the Library of Congress's plan for NDIIPP, which will enable the Library of Congress to launch the first phase of building a national infrastructure for the collection and long-term preservation of digital content. Funds released will allow testing various technical models for capturing and preserving content.

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Future Research and Development for Digital Asset Preservation

Added on 1 June 2002

DPC Forum with Industry

The Digital Preservation Coalition is staging a Forum with Industry on 5th June, 2002.

For the founding members of the DPC, the ability to ensure the safekeeping and long-term access to digital resources is absolutely central to their mission and their responsibilities in the 21st century. However over the next decade this is an issue that will have an impact on a far wider range of sectors and institutions due to the exponential growth in these materials and the need for organisations to maintain ongoing access to them.

Since its inception the DPC has aimed to gain industry awareness of its key messages and of the future needs and opportunities that lie ahead. This forum is part of that process. During the day representatives from the private and public sector will be speaking. They will address long-term trends and the research and development issues involved in the implementation of continuing access and preservation strategies by industry and government. Issues covered will include preserving TV and broadcast archives and research and development in the public and private sector.

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Digital Preservation Launch at House of Commons Launch

Added on 27 February 2002

Press Release Number Two - 27th February 2002

Coalition launches at House of Commons to secure the future of digital material

27th February 2002 Embargoed until 8pm 27.02.02.  Coalition launches at House of Commons to secure the future of digital material

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) announced an action plan to ensure that the digital information we are producing is not lost to current and future generations.The key messages were:

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