Added on 1 December 2023

PRONOM v.115 and v.116 have now been released totalling 45 New PUIDs, 48 New Signatures and 82 New Updates. The release notes of the changes can be found here.

The container signature has also been updated.

The PRONOM team thank all the contributors of this release:

  • Brigham Young University

  • Preservica

  • Archives New Zealand

  • The National Archives and Records Administration

  • Buddhist Digital Resource Center

  • The National Library of Australia

  • The Canadian Centre for Architecture

  • Sylphide Consulting

  • National Library of Norway

Many more requests have been sent through, and the PRONOM team would like to thank everyone who has sent suggestions in as well as for all the support. It is hoped that even more of these contributions will be incorporated into the release after this.

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