Added on 2 October 2023

The biggest celebration of the year is just one month away today: World Digital Preservation Day (#WDPD2023) will take place on Thursday 2nd November! 

The DPC invites all data creators, archivists, curators, community members and digipres folk from around the world to celebrate digital preservation by participating in a whole day dedicated to all of the benefits and opportunities enabled by the hard work of our dynamic and collaborative community.

With the theme ‘Digital Preservation: A Concerted Effort’, World Digital Preservation Day 2023 is a great opportunity to connect the digital preservation community. Whether you organize a seminar, highlight the collections you are working on using social media, or play our (soon to be available) digital preservation bingo: there are so many ways to participate in #WDPD2023!

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WDPD2023 Bingo


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Festive WDPD2023 Background



Visit our webpages to be inspired by some of the awesome singer-songwriter actions from previous years, check out the new Event Pack to prepare for your own event, and make sure to use the logo in your own language to promote your event.

This year we want to emphasize the positive impact digital preservation has had in another year where digital information and infrastructure have been so instrumental in supporting all parts of our global society. Taking digital preservation to the next level takes time and actively working together with colleagues, partner institutions, open-source developers, friends and other community members. Or, in the words of this year’s WDPD theme: "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it!”

As part of the celebrations, the DPC will publish blogs from the DPC community all day long! We'll also launch a new edition of the Global Bit List of Endangered Digital Species on World Digital Preservation Day: A free-to-access list of at-risk digital materials for digital preservation advocacy. Entries to the list are nominated by the community, who are at the forefront of digital preservation efforts, and reviewed by international organizations which represent global expertise in the preservation of the listed digital species. To top it off, we will also release new translations of the Rapid Assessment Model!

There is so much good stuff happening on World Digital Preservation Day, we can't wait to hear what YOU are organizing on 2 November! Stay tuned this week as we'll publish a list of events happening around the world. If you'd like your event to be listed on the DPC website too, please contact

World Digital Preservation Day is just one of the ways the DPC helps to raise awareness of the strategic, cultural, and technological issues which make up the digital preservation challenge. The DPC also supports members through other advocacy activities, workforce development, and partnerships, helping members to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services and derive enduring value from their digital collections. 

For all the latest updates, visit the World Digital Preservation Day page on the DPC website, follow the hashtag #WDPD2023 on social media or contact for more details.


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